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Kitchen Tip Working with Raw Meat

Kitchen Tip - Use gloves when preparing meatloaf (plus 6 amazing meatloaf recipes)

This is a Kitchen Tip Working with Raw Meat when preparing meatloaf. I wanted to share one of my favorite Kitchen Tips with you.  This is a great tip if you don’t like touching raw meat (and who does).

Kitchen Tip Working with Raw Meat:

Use plastic gloves when preparing meatloaf! My family LOVES meatloaf but I dislike the mess of making it. I had some clear plastic gloves and decided to use them when I was making meatloaf and it worked like a charm. It keeps my hands mess free, and the clean-up is easy! Just slip them off when you are done and throw them in the garbage. I like to use these when I cut onions too!

Now I use this method every time I make meatloaf and I make it often using the Muffin Tin method.  You can expand this tip to other kitchen tasks that are messy including slicing onions.  It keeps your hands from being smelly.  The best is to use a kitchen grade glove, but any will do for a home cook.

Kitchen Tip - Use plastic gloves when preparing meatloaf


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