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White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries are absolutely my favorite sweet treat. They are easy to make and they look great for when company comes over. Perfect for any party or family gathering. All you need is fresh strawberries and chocolate bark.

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries are easy to make and taste amazing! Perfect for parties!

Be sure to watch your chocolate when melting it because it can easily burn.  You want to melt it for best results using a double boiler or in your microwave.  This easy dessert is perfect to make ahead of time.  You can store them in the refrigerator in an air tight container with wax paper.

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries are perfect for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion!  We always make them for baby showers and bridal showers too!

You can use dark or milk chocolate if you are not a fan of white chocolate. I am a huge fan of white chocolate strawberries because my Dad doesn’t eat milk chocolate so this is something I can make for him to enjoy. Be sure to give this easy dessert idea a try. It makes for a special gift.

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These strawberries are divine for an afternoon snack or to serve at a party.
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Prep Time:10 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes


  • 1 lb fresh strawberries rinsed and pat dry (leave tops on)
  • 1 pkg chocolate bark melted
  • parchment paper


  • Lay out parchment paper on counter.
  • Melt chocolate bark - I like to use a double boiler or you can melt in the microwave, start off with a minute and stir then 15 second intervals stirring in between until chocolate is smooth)
  • Dip strawberry into chocolate and lay on parchment paper.
  • Once the chocolate has hardened then you can enjoy or put in a container and store in fridge.


You can make as many strawberries you want. Just melt enough chocolate for that amount. You cannot save the chocolate once it is melted.
Author: Melissa Jennings

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