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Valentine Hearts Messages for Kids

Check out this idea for Valentine Hearts Messages for Kids. If you are looking for a way to express your love to your kids this year for Valentine’s Day I have the perfect idea for you. Plus it costs ZERO dollars!

Valentine Hearts Messages for Kids:

I did this last year and Peyton and then he asked me to fill his door with my favorite Bible verses after the two weeks ended. He has them up a year later. He is now 16 and these messages and Bible verses have carried him through a tough year.

Not only do the messages mean a lot to him, the Bible verses give them a reference to turn to on hard days.

So get some construction paper and write some messages to your kids today! I did this for several years when he was younger but decided to do it again for him last year. Little did I know we were getting ready to enter one of the hardest times of our lives right before I did this.

I used a template that I found on the internet and then I traced and cut out 14 hearts. I wrote meaningful messages and love notes to him as well as some Bible verses.

Don’t think that a child is too old. My teen absolutely LOVED this! I was so touched when he asked for me to continue adding Bible verses until his door was covered.

Each night when he would get ready for bed I would place the note on his door. When he was little I would put it on the outside of the door but as he is a teen now I decided to put his love notes and affirmations on the inside where he would really see them most. Valentine Hearts Messages for Kids is a great tradition to do February 1-14th each year. You could also do this for your husband or other loved ones.


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