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What can we do with all the Halloween Candy?

What can we do with all the Halloween Candy?  That is always the question for us after Halloween. Yes, you can stockpile Halloween Candy but do you really want to? We don’t at our house.

What can we do with all the halloween candy?

I dread all the candy coming in! I have a habit of eating a few pieces and I do not need it.  It is a slippery slope and one that I have to be careful with.  One piece leads to do and before you know it I could eat dozen pieces. So we decided to create a plan so we don’t have excess candy in our house leftover from Halloween.

What can we do with all the Halloween Candy? 

Every Halloween we set a date. This date is usually 2 weeks after Halloween night! On this date we get rid of all the Halloween Candy. We donate it to an area Women’s Crisis Center. There are lots of places in your area you can donate too! Just cruise your phone book for non profit organizations.

Some of our ideas for leftover Halloween Candy are:

  1. Area dentist may buy your candy per pound
  2. Collections at schools for military
  3. Donate it to area food banks
  4. Save non Halloween wrapped candy for stocking stuffers
  5. Donate to your school and they can use it as rewards and prizes
  6. Package it into small zip-loc bags and hand out to people in need
  7. Mail to service men oversees
  8. Use it in birthday goody bags
  9. Package it up and use it for Christmas gifts
  10. Donate it to your mailman, UPS or FEDEX delivery person

If you want to stockpile your candy you can freeze or just go by the expiration dates on the packages. They can be frozen for up to a year normally. Frozen candy bars are great to pull out and make desserts with!  Just stick it in the freezer as is and thaw it on the counter when you are ready to use.  Tip, don’t try to eat a frozen candy bar.  You may break a tooth.

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