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Carving Pumpkins using Cookie Cutters

I love this idea for Carving Pumpkins using Cookie Cutters.  It is a safe alternative for kids to get involved without using a knife.  Simply use a rubber mallet and a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes.

Carving Pumpkins using Cookie Cutters

You will still need to supervise your children with this however they can jump in on the fun of carving a pumpkin safely.  We do find that the best cookie cutter is a metal cookie cutter with rubber back.  This cookie cutter allows the pressure to penetrate the carving and gives you a true shape.  It really won’t work using a plastic cookie cutter because it won’t penetrate through the thick skin of the pumpkin.

Carving Pumpkins using Cookie Cutters:

Simply take a mallet and “hit” the cookie cutter several times.  This gives the pressure needed against the cookie cutter to indent into the skin. You can do any size or shape that you desire.  You can pick these up at your local craft store or sometimes I have even located them at the dollar store. Regardless this is a fun alternative to using a knife.  You can either carve on the ground or a table.  I found that I really needed to be standing or kneeling over top of the pumpkin to get this work easily.

Once you are done carving you can extend the life of your pumpkin by using a Silica Gel Packet inside of your pumpkin.  Really, it is true!   By placing them inside your carved pumpkins it will help the pumpkins from molding when outside during the Halloween season.  Be sure and read this post for more ways on How to Preserve your Jack -o- Lantern.  These tips and techniques will really help increase the life of your Jack-o-Lantern. If you are going to all the hard work of carving be sure that you roast the pumpkin seeds too!  We hope you enjoy this pumpkin carving method.

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