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Pumpkin Cheeseball for Halloween

I am in love with this Pumpkin Cheeseball for Halloween. It is the perfect and easy appetizer for your next holiday gathering. My family loves snacking! There is no better salty treat than a cheese ball.

 Pumpkin Cheeseball for Halloween

I hope you enjoy this easy and creative recipe as much as we do. You can honestly use any cheese ball recipe that you want to create this Pumpkin Cheese Ball. Even a store bought one!

However, we love Aunt Pattie’s Cream Cheese Beef Ball. It is simple to prepare and tastes amazing!

Now to turn an ordinary Cheese Ball into a Pumpkin all you need is a cinnamon stick for the stem and a green pipe cleaner for the stem. If you want it to be all edible, you could use a green onion for the stem.

This cheeseball was made by my friend Krysta, she is so creative and festive when it comes to the holidays. This would be a huge hit at your Halloween party.

Best of all you can easily make this gluten free! Just be sure your cheeseball ingredients are gluten free as well as your crackers.

I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin Cheese Ball idea! It is the perfect appetizer to enjoy at a Halloween party for before trick or treating.


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