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Easter Bunny Prank – Perfect for Kids

Easter Bunny Prank - Perfect for Kids!

Here is a great Easter Bunny Prank that is perfect for kids.  Last year my husband and I did this for our boys and they were cracking up. It took only minutes to create and was talked about the whole day. When we arrived to our family’s egg hunt later in the afternoon, the boys were so excited to tell their grandparents, cousins and others all about what the Easter Bunny left for them.

Easter Bunny Prank – Perfect for Kids!

All you need is a piece of construction paper, marker, tape and jelly beans.

Draw the picture on the paper (see above to copy).

Next tape the paper to the toilet seat.

Drop a few jelly beans in the toilet (be sure to do this in the morning, if you do at night the dye from the beans comes off and does not look good in the toilet – yes we made that mistake, but I quickly flushed it and added more!)

This Easter Bunny Prank is Perfect for Kids! They will LOVE to wake up on Easter morning when they see this funny prank! It is a great tradition to start! When my husband was little his mom always left a piece of cotton in the door like he caught his tail on the way out of the house. Regardless you are simply creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

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