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How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams With Ease

How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams With Ease

I want to share a great tool with you for How to Coordinate Kids Sports Teams with Ease. If you are a busy Mom like I, am you are going to LOVE the TeamSnap app. You may be thinking how am I going to keep my child’s sports schedule organized with everything else that we do? Now you are finding yourself responsible for a snack schedule, game and practice schedule, directions and much more. How can you possibly do it? We have help for you with TeamSnap!

If you are a team parent or parent assistant for your kids’ sports team, you are going to be really excited about this sports management app. With the ease of using your Smart Phone now you can keep communication easy! If you are like me and you are living by your kids’ sports schedules you will be excited. We are constantly trying to keep up with games and practice at our house. With the winter we have been experiencing this year practice has been canceled last minute due to inclement weather. So, we don’t waste gas and our time this app has been a useful tool for our soccer team.

It is a great tool to make announcements, update with practice chances, let the coaches know if you have a child who will be absent due to illness or if you are going to be in need of sub for a game. We have literally tried every form of team organization from Facebook, emails to text messages to using websites and they have all had their downfalls. It is important to be able to have that instant form of communication but that means that every parent must be checking that form of communication. This is why I am in love with TeamSnap.

How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams with Ease:

As you know Peyton plays select soccer. He has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old. During that time, we have used literally every form of communication for our team. My husband has coached for the majority of these years but this year he is serving as the Parent Assistant. What does that mean? He is responsible for handling ALL of the communication for our team, scheduling and interacting with the parents. He is the face of our team.

We have 9 kids on our team so multiply that by all of the schedules and busy life events and that means that the members of our team often time have conflicts. This is why I love TeamSnap. It is a great organizational tool for our soccer team. First of all, it is FREE to use. I signed up and then added my husband to the account. He can now upload all of our kids to the roster, and he can update the account with our games and practice schedule.

TeamSnap becomes the central hub of information. Now we have access to all of the game and practice details while we are on the go. It is simple to use. After the account is created each parent simply downloads the app and can access our team’s information.

Communication is really the key to your team’s soccer success. Don’t get me wrong, skills are important but if your team isn’t organized your team will not be as successful. Parents are really craving an open line of communication and Team Snap is the avenue to make that possible.

You can pay for upgraded service with even more options. TeamSnap is useful for coaches, participants (as they get older and have technology they can download and use the app) and parents. The Coach or Parent Assistant can serve as the administrator for the Team and update the roster and schedule, track the schedule, availability of the team, any required tasks or items, confirm locations, create a snack schedule and much more. Best of all it is so easy to manage.

How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams With Ease - The perfect app for sports teams

Best of all this app is for EVERYONE on your team. The parents, coach, trainer, and team participants are all on the same page. Not everyone is listed in the system in the same in order to comply with COPPA (personal information regarding minors is controlled). Each profile can contain notes, phone, address and other details about that person along with a photo. This comes in handy because if you have ever been new to a large team, you know how hard it is at the beginning of a season when you are learning names and faces. It really helps to be able to see the parents’ pictures in addition to the team members.

For me the best feature is the communication. Like I said, the key to a successful team is communication. We had a year where communication was the PITS. Our coach never sent out updates or let us know when practice was going to be changed and we wasted a lot of time showing up to find no coach was present. Luckily my husband stepped up in those situations to fill in. Parents are not happy when they waste their time driving to a practice with no coach!

How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams With Ease - The perfect app for sports teams

Email and texts can be a great tool – IF everyone remembers to check them. What we find is some of the parents on our team like to use text some like to use Facebook and others like email. TeamSnap is a tool that we can all agree to use and what we like is that it is centrally located in the app so that the communication doesn’t get “lost”. There is nothing more frustrating in my opinion than having my email inbox flooded with emails (especially if someone replies to all).

Another great feature is that the app allows Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Babysitters etc. to access the app and information needed. I like that the TeamSnap administrator can send emails or text alerts to the entire team or just select individuals. It is perfect for last minute announcements due to an emergency or weather issue too!

When the administrator adds events, they will include a start and stop time, requested arrival time, a URL (if applicable) and any notes. This is perfect because we often times arrive early for games, and we wear a different uniform depending on if it is an away or home game (or if there is a conflict with team color which often happens). It also shows availability which is helpful to our coach when he is making the game and schedule plan.

How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams With Ease - The perfect app for sports teams

One of my favorite features is the built-in access to directions and Google map. We play our games at a variety of locations so this is really helpful in terms of finding where I am supposed to go on game day. It is easy for me to access within the app. If your team provides refreshments on game day, it allows for a schedule for that too.

There is an option to set up reminders. There’s also the ability to export it to iCal or Outlook which makes that an awesome feature and you don’t have to manually add your games into your Master Schedule.

TeamSnap provides coaches and team coordinators with the ability to track payments too. This is a great way to send reminders to parents who pay for the team fees throughout the season. Our team is big on sharing photos and videos with each other and TeamSnap allows you to do that through the app. This is a huge win/win for our team. It even has access to a team store too! photos/videos and even offer a team store.

How To Coordinate Kids Sports Teams With Ease - The perfect app for sports teams

If you are a parent of a child who plays on a sports team, I highly encourage you to check out TeamSnap. If you are a coach or a parent administrator for a team this is definitely something that I would encourage you to consider. You can sign up for the basic level for free, so it won’t cost you a penny to check it out! Teams can upgrade their plan to take advantage of some of the more advanced features such as store customization and multiple team sponsorship if that interests them later.

Test out the TeamSnap FREE 21 Day trial and see what you think for yourself. For more information about TeamSnap, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you find most frustrating about your child being part of a club or team sport?


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