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Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

101 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls (non candy) - This is a great list!

It is almost that time again! Easter will be here before we know it! I like to shop at the dollar store and dollar bins for the majority of my Easter Basket Shopping. I hope this kid approved list will help you with ideas for Easter Basket ideas for Girls!

The biggest tip we can give you is that you start shopping for next year the day after Easter.  Pick up as many clearance and discounted items right after the holiday when they get marked down.  Read this post on Stockpiling For The Holidays.

101 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls (non candy) - This is a great list!

101 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

  1. Playdough or Slime
  2. Coloring Books
  3. Character Toothbrush
  4. Character Band-aids
  5. My Little Pony
  6. Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils
  7. Moon Dough or Kinetic Sand
  8. Hulla Hoop
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Bubbles
  11. Puzzles
  12. Sand Toys
  13. Water Gun
  14. Pool Toys
  15. Bouncy Balls
  16. DVD
  17. Sidewalk Chalk
  18. Make up
  19. Books
  20. Slinky
  21. Board Game
  22. Nail Polish Nail Wraps
  23. Sunglasses
  24. Hat
  25. Dolls
  26. Bubble Bath
  27. Gift Card
  28. Bath Toys
  29. Beading Supplies
  30. Stuffed Animal
  31. Stickers
  32. Character Shampoo/Body Wash
  33. Washcloth Cube
  34. Hairbrush
  35. Dress Up Clothes
  36. Hair Bow
  37. Stamps/Ink Pad
  38. Crayola Twistables
  39. Headband
  40. Barrettes
  41. Flashlight
  42. Drawing Pad
  43. Word Search
  44. Watch
  45. Earphones or Earbuds
  46. Rainbow Loom or Bands
  47. Watercolors
  48. Butterfly Net
  49. Magnifying Glass
  50. Marbles
  51. Jacks
  52. Money
  53. Colored Hair Spray
  54. Magazine
  55. Video Games
  56. Shoes
  57. Easter Clothes
  58. PJ’s
  59. Fish
  60. Bathing Suit
  61. Paper Dolls
  62. Spirograph
  63. Gel Pens
  64. Diary
  65. Construction Paper
  66. Tickets to Zoo, Aquarium or other local attraction
  67. Movie Tickets
  68. Bathing Suit Cover Up
  69. Purse
  70. American Girl Doll Clothes
  71. Barbie Clothes
  72. Travel Games
  73. Tights or Fancy Socks
  74. Backpack
  75. Water Bottle
  76. Sand Art
  77. Card Games
  78. Beach Towel
  79. Goggles
  80. Paint by Number
  81. Face Paint
  82. Hamster
  83. Guinea Pig
  84. Membership to Animal Jam
  85. Membership to Club Penguin
  86. Earrings
  87. Chia Pet
  88. Flip Flops
  89. Bracelet
  90. Necklace
  91. Ring
  92. Etch-a-Stetch or Magna Doodle
  93. Kite
  94. Temporary Tattoos
  95. Barbie
  96. CD
  97. Coupon for Dinner of your choice
  98. Chuck-E-Cheese Tokens
  99. Glow Sticks
  100. Nail Art

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