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Lime Vinegar Cleaner

I am so excited to share with you this non toxic Lime Vinegar Cleaner.  I love the effectiveness of cleaning with vinegar and that it is a natural cleaner.

Lime Vinegar Cleaner

Lime Vinegar Cleaner:

I can spray areas and know that it is not harmful to my children. I clean the bathrooms, doorknobs, mop the floors and kitchen counters. There is always a bottle under my sink with vinegar in it. So when I came across the idea to add the essential oil Lime in it and make it smell better — I couldn’t resist trying it.

I personally love the effectiveness of Lime essential oil by itself when cleaning tough stains. But when added with vinegar it took it to a whole new level! I was curious to see if it would really work, keep in mind that the smell of good old regular vinegar does not bother me.

However my 10 year old son has Asperger’s Syndrome and certain smells really bother him and vinegar is one of them. So I am always trying to clean when he is out of the house, nut not anymore!

Lime Vinegar Cleaner 2

Lime Vinegar Cleaner

1 16-ounce canning jar

4 – 6 drops of Lime essential oil

vinegar to fill jar (15 oz)

Pour vinegar in the jar, next add essential oil and screw lid on tightly. Gently shake, then transfer the vinegar to a glass spray bottle, if desired. I keep half in jar and half in spray bottle for my personal uses. Use for all your cleaning purposes!

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