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10 Household Items That Make Great Holiday Decorations

10 Household Items That Make Great Holiday Decorations

This year if you are strapped for cash, don’t fret over holiday decorations. Here are 10 Household Items That Make Great Holiday Decorations that are right inside your home today. Embrace the holiday season by creating the ultimate holiday decorations with items you already have tucked away in your home today.


Empty Fish Bowls: Almost every house has one of these tucked away in a corner closet from a gold fish that was won at a carnival. Grab those pretty glass bowls, clean them up and fill with pine cones and cinnamon sticks for a fragrant and pretty centerpiece. Tie a red ribbon around the top to tie it in with your holiday theme.  Add a drop or two of cinnamon essential oil if you have it on hand.

Spice Cabinet Potpourri: Orange peels, cloves, cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean are amazing ways to create a simple homemade holiday smelling potpourri in your home. Just add them to a pot of simmering water on the back of your stove and allow it to cook on low for a few hours adding water as needed. Your entire home will smell wonderful.

Candles Of All Colors: Blue, White, Cream, Red, Maroon, Green, Silver and Gold are traditional holiday colors you will find in candles year round. When on sale, grab them or pull out your package of inexpensive tea lights at the holidays. Place them in a shallow bowl with gravel or colored rocks and light for a fun decoration. Or print a holiday themed image out and decoupage onto the outside of the candle for a different take on holiday candles.

Paper Snowflakes: We all made them at some point during our childhood, and they have stood the test of time. Nothing beats a fun whimsical holiday decoration made of your kids paper snowflakes. Set out the white paper, glue, glitter and scissors and let the kids have at it to create their own magical snowflakes. String from fishing line and hang around the room on the ceiling, in doorways or on windows.

Clothes Pin Reindeer: Use the extra clothes pins in your laundry room, some markers and a few googly eyes or pom poms from your craft box to make fun little reindeer that are perfect for hanging up kids art work, Christmas cards from friends or your Advent Calendar.

Mason Jars: The most versatile kitchen item ever created has to be the mason jar. Tie a pretty ribbon around the top and use as a great way to serve pretty layered puddings and trifles. Add some sand to the bottom with tea lights for centerpieces or luminaries outside. Use glue brushed on the outside and colored glitter for a pretty sparkling jar you can burn candles in or fill with pine cones, cinnamon sticks or colored pebbles.

Old Sheets For Backgrounds:   Do you have an old flat sheet that has a rip or stain? Grab some paint and stamps and create a fun background to hang behind your tree, on a bare wall or even as a tablecloth. Pick up inexpensive gold or silver paint, a snowflake stamp and create a beautiful stamped cloth.

Candy Jars: Grab a few empty glass jars out of your pantry (or large cylinder glasses) and fill full of peppermints, cinnamon disks or other holiday themed candy for great tasty and pretty centerpieces.

Cookie Cutters: We all have drawers full of them. This year pull all of your holiday cookie cutters out, add a cute ribbon to them and hang them from your tree for a fun new ornament look.

Fruit & Nut Centerpieces: Christmas always brings back memories of grandparents handing out oranges, apples and nuts. Grab a few red delicious apples, some oranges and some pecans or walnuts in their shell and arrange in a large bowl or cylinder vase for a fun holiday centerpiece reminiscent of the “olden days”.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a beautifully decorated home this holiday season. These 10 Household Items That Make Great Holiday Decorations are sure to be the talk of your parties while not making your wallet feel empty. Check out your cabinets, pantry and linen closets for fun things you can use and adapt easily for holiday decorations this year.

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