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How to freeze 30 Foods

What Food Can You Freeze? How to freeze 30 Foods

How to freeze 30 Foods. This is a series of how to blog posts where we answer the question what foods can you freeze? By using the freezer, you can extend the life of your stockpile and save big from your budget. We continually add to this series and if there is something you want to know the answer to that is not on the list, please leave us a comment and we will add it!

We hope this helps you answer the question of what foods can you freeze?  Just a remind you can freeze ALMOST all foods.  It will often times change the quality of the food.  So, if you are looking to serve your food to company, I normally go with food that hasn’t been frozen.  If I am serving to family or cooking with the ingredient, I often use a frozen version.  I hope these tips help you and save you money too!  It is a great way to stretch your dollar!

How to freeze 30 Foods:

Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Can You Freeze Philadelphia Cooking Creme?

Can You Freeze Zucchini

Can you freeze PBJ’s?

Can You Freeze Butter?

Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

Can You Freeze Sour Cream?

Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

Can You Freeze Cracker Crumbs?

Can You Freeze Cheese?

Can You Freeze Milk and Eggs?

Can You Freeze Hummus?

Can You Freeze Bananas?

Can You Freeze Summer Squash?

Can You Freeze Garlic Cloves?

Can You Freeze Chicken Broth?

Can You Freeze Soup?

Can You Freeze Strawberries?

Can You Freeze Green Beans?

Can You Freeze Spinach?

Can You Freeze Salsa?

Can You Freeze Green Smoothies?

Can You Freeze Guacamole?

Can You Freeze Avocado?

Can You Freeze Peppers?

Can You Freeze Deli Meat?

Can You Freeze Mushrooms?

Can You Freeze Meatloaf?

Can You Freeze Bread?

Can You Freeze Liquid Coffee Creamer?

Can You Freeze Carrots?

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  1. I need Freezer Meals For Dummies! I would like 1 post with 30 REALISTIC freezer meals from grocery list to how long they can stay in the freezer, including exactly how to freeze them, recipes, how long to wait after they cook to freeze them, what to freeze them in, etc. A REAL, busy mom, pregnant brain guide! Thanks

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