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Habitat Restore is a DIY Fanatics Best Friend

Habitat Restore is a DIY Fanatics Best Friend. Do you love decorating on a dime? Perhaps you like fixing up old furniture pieces and flipping them for cash? Whatever the case may be, Habitat ReStore is the DIYers best friend! Look below at 7 reasons to check out your local Habitat ReStore and see why it should be a weekly stop for you. You might be surprised at how helpful of a resource it can be!

Why Habitat Restore is a DIY Fanatics Best Friend

Why Habitat Restore is a DIY Fanatics Best Friend

1. You can enjoy regular discounts.

ReStore loves to keep its inventory moving. To do this, they offer regular sales and specials. They advertise their specials and often run additional sales and offers at the register. Pair a great find with a sale and you are sure to save some serious cash.

2. The stock is updated daily.

You never walk into the same store twice. Inventory is always being added, so shop often to see what is new. Donations are always being dropped off, which means the store varies offerings and specials based on what they have on hand.

3. There is more than just used furniture.

Think ReStore is just furniture? Think again! They also sell salvaged items, used dishes, gardening tools, carpet, windows, books, hardware, tools, doors, fencing, bedding items, lawn decor, and all sorts of other things! It is a one-stop thrift shop full of everything home related.

4. You can donate your own extra supplies and materials.

Did you buy the wrong color paint? Do you have leftover fabric scraps? You can donate your own DIY supplies or used furniture to ReStore and get a tax write off. This is a great way to clear away what you can’t use so you can make room for the items you can!

5. You can shop for new goods as well.

ReStore gets donations of new items such as fabric, carpet squares, cleaning supplies, and more. They often get surplus donations, so be sure to stop in and see what’s new. Not everything is used, so if new is more your style, they may have the perfect item for you.

6. You never know what you will find.

It is fun to stop in and browse because you never know what you might find! Old lockers, lawn tools, funny flowerpots, even rare vintage pieces have all been spotted at ReStore. So go in with an open mind and the thrill for an adventure. The hunt is on!

7. Your purchase helps a great cause.

Habitat for Humanity has been helping the less fortunate meet their home ownership goals for decades. Your purchase helps fund their cause and keep their mission going. So stop in, spend, and help out others in the process. This is a purchase you can feel good about and benefits those in need.

If you haven’t been to the local Habitat ReStore just yet, now is the time to check it out. Swing in and see what you can find. Your treasure is waiting!

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