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Water Balloon Battle

Balloon Battle - Get Ready Daddy, we are waiting for you!


I am in love with this Water Balloon Battle idea.  My friend Angie posted this picture on her Facebook wall and tagged her husband. “Warning” him that he better leave his cell phone in the car when he got home from work.  She and her boys spent the day “preparing” for battle.  They filled water balloons and water guns.  They were “nice” and left him some too.

When he arrived home, they had a blast!  They were hiding and he was a good sport and got in on the fun!  I think that this is what summer is all about.  Doing the unexpected!  So why not welcome “Daddy or Mommy Home” with a water balloon fight.  Follow this up with a night of ice cream for dinner.  Do the unexpected and create memories that will last your kids a lifetime.

Summer is all about fun for us.  We things like have Brownies for Breakfast and break out in a water fight in our PJ’s you just never know what is going on at our house in the summer! We love making memories this is a great one!

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