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Summer Mohawk

Summer Mohawk - A great way to save money

A Summer Mohawk is great way to save money. This summer Peyton wanted a Mohawk (well he wanted one last summer too) but when he asked again this year I finally said yes, and he got it!  He LOVES it!

Summer Mohawk:

So, it has been a Mohawk Summer for us.  It has ended up saving us money! Now my husband can just cut his hair 🙂 What we were not prepared for is all of the compliments and comments he gets ALL of the time everywhere we go.  I do think he pulls off a pretty good Mohawk myself 😉 So if you are looking for a little summer fun and a great way to save money let your son try a summer mohawk too. Plus, it is a memory that will last him forever! Join us and become a memory making mom.

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