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Tips for Growing Blueberries

Tips for Growing Blueberries #garden

I wanted to share with you Tips for Growing Blueberries.  Last year we planted our first blueberry bush.  We knew that it was hard to grow blueberries in our area but didn’t realize how hard.  Our bush did not make it.  However, that didn’t stop us!  We planted a 2nd bush and so far, so good.  My husband did some research the second time around, so I wanted to share with you some of the tips he learned.

Tips for Growing Blueberries

  • You should plant your blueberries in the full sun.
  • Blueberries need acidic soil.  If your soil is not acidic you will need to add acidity (coffee grounds work great).
  • Before planting improve your planting area with compost.
  • You should deflower, pinch off any flowers and berries during the first season, this will help your plant develop strong roots. (Hard to do the first season but worth it in the end).
  • You should much around your plants to keep moisture in and weeds out.  However be sure to leave space at the base of the plant for moisture and air to reach the roots.
  • You need to water your plants when the ground feels dry.

We hope these tips help you have a blueberry bush full of berries.  If you have any additional tips please share!

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  1. I was told to always plant two blueberry bushes together so that they can cross-pollinate. The two can be of different types or harvesting times to prolong your berry harvest.

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