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7 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School

7 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School

I want to share with you 7 Tips for saving money for Back to School. As you know the Back to School Deals are already here! Now is the time to stockpile those supplies. By stockpiling now you can have items available for next year, craft projects, goody bags and more!

I suggest asking for your children’s Back-to-School lists now. If they are not available yet it is safe to assume some general items will be on the list.  Here are some tips to help you save.  I like to save the lists for the next year too!  This way I already know what I need in the years to come.  I hope this tip helps you save too!

7 Tips for Saving Money for Back to School

1. Inventory You Stockpile: Check your stockpile for what you purchased last year and make a list of items to stockpile this Back to School Season.

2. Create a Back To School Budget: If you create a budget that you can afford and stick to it you will not find yourself overspending this Back to School Season.

3. Strategically Use Coupons: Watch the sales cycle and match when coupons when possible.

4. Don’t Procrastinate: It is best to shop early while the selection is good. If you wait too long you will have t settle for what is left over and may miss the HOT sales prices.

5. Enter Back To School Giveaways: Many blogs are offering great giveaways this is wonderful away to reduce your out of pocket expense – Don’t miss our blog giveaways.

6. Shop consignment stores and yard sales: Think outside of the traditional store when it comes to purchasing clothing and shoes for back to school.

7. Organize a clothing swap: Organize a clothing/back pack swap with your friends and neighbors. It is a great way to trade for sizes that your children can use and will save everyone’s budget.

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