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Lunch Notes

I love these Lunch Notes. As you know Peyton has started all day school. This is the first time of his life that I have not eaten lunch with him every day.

Lunch Notes - Sending Your Children Off with Love

He was at a sitter for only 3 months before I left my career and now, I am sending him off for the day.  This has been a hard adjustment for ME.  However, by taking a couple simple steps I am able to “with him” every day.

Lunch Notes – Sending Your Children Off with Love

I am simply sending a “lunch note” with him every day!  Every day something unique and it gives him a little “hug” from Mom every day at lunchtime.

You can purchase a cute notepad, cut up bright colored paper, cut out hearts – the sky is the limit.  My plan is to write out my weeks’ worth of notes on Sunday so there is no forgetting.  I hope it brightens his day each day at lunchtime.  I know it makes Mom feel better 🙂

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  1. My mom did that for me every day as a child and I do it for my 3 year old daughter – for preschool lunch!!! I keep a pack of colored sharpies and post it’s and stickers in the junk drawer so I can add Love notes to their lunches! For my little Maya, I put stickers on her caprisun juice box or I tie a ribbon on her lunch napkin! Since she’s young, I draw stick figures of her & I with Daddy and lots of hearts and smiles!!! My husband is private and shy at work so I like to write him big notes in bright red all over his lunch sack that say I LOVE YOU SEXY HUNK! He said all the guys at work love seeing how nice I make his lunch by using little containers for the mayo so his sandwich doesn’t get soggy! Sometimes I surprise them with a Hershy kiss, a few gummy bears or a hard candy! Today I put a cocktail umbrella in Maya’s lunch ((she thinks they’re barbie umbrellas and LOVES THEM!))

  2. I did this for my boys (twins) since kindergarten. They just started 3rd grade yesterday. The night before school started, I stated I needed to make sure I bought more juice for their lunches. One of my twins said, “Mom, you need to make sure you get more plain paper.” I did not know why he had said that because we had just dropped off his school supplies at Back to School Night. I asked why, and he replied, “So you can wrtie me my notes everyday. I love them”. I am wondering when he will say, “Mom, you can stop now” Made me feel good that the notes I send make him feel good!!

  3. I do the same thing for my daughter, who will now be in 4th grade 🙁 She also loves them. I also take her napkin and make origami out of them which she loves! Another cool thing to do is use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into shapes, she loves opening her lunch to see wht shape or animal she got! I think this may be the last year I get to do this until her brother goes to school in 3 years 🙁

  4. I do the same with my oldest two girls, who are going into first and second grades this year. It’s fun to surprise them with little notes…or sometimes little mini candy bars (I always send two, one for them and one to share with a friend!) The girls use fabric lunch bags, but on occasion they have to use paper lunch bags if they are going on a field trip, so on those days I get my markers out and decorate their lunch bags because I love to doodle. They seem so proud to carry a lunch bag made especially for them. It makes my day to see them smile. And sometimes they return the favor…sending me to work with a Barbie or Zooble or something to keep me company in my office for the day!

  5. I read this and all the comments with a tear in my eye…. I packed both my kids’ lunches with notes for years. My oldest in a junior in college and my youngest started her Senior year last week. I still pack her lunch and put in a note. She is of course TOTALLY embarrassed but I know it makes her smile. I also bought EXPO markers and write all over her mirror when she comes home from a mission trip or a weekend. Also put up “gel stickers” for every season! As a matter of fact I need to go change them now for the “fall” ones!

  6. My boys get notes in their luck every day, too, and I always include a joke. I just keep a few joke books in the cupboard by the pens and paper and it goes quick. Plus when the big boys come home from school our younger ones are always anxious to hear the joke. A fun way to connect for sure!

  7. For boys who don’t like “mushy stuff”: Go through a few old magazines with him and pick out pictures/objects ( his favorite food, cute animals, ect: Cut them out, paste a few onto a 3×5 card or note: This will be his “secret mommy code”, something the “guys” at school can’t tease him about.

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