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How To Stop Boiling Water with Wooden Spoon

How To Stop Boiling Water with Wooden Spoon

Have you ever had that moment when you turn around and the pot is boiling over the sides???  Well I have had it happen many, many times.  So one day while  I was talking with my grandmother about it, she told me about a tip on how to avoid it and all it required was a wooden spoon! Yes, just a wooden spoon! I couldn’t believe it.

How To Stop Boiling Water with Wooden Spoon:

All you simply need to do is put a wooden spoon across the pot while boiling and it will never boil over. It’s as simple as that. As you can see from the photo it works.  I now always place a spoon over any pot that is boiling when I cook.  One tip is that you need to use a pot that is the correct size for what you are cooking.  This will not work if you are overfilling the pot to begin with.

How To Stop Boiling Water with Wooden Spoon

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