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Great Christmas Gifts For Pets

Great Christmas Gifts For Pets don’t have to break the bank this year. Pets are often left off the Christmas gift list, but for those who truly consider their pets a part of the family a gift is a necessity.

Great Christmas Gifts For Pets

Check out some of these budget friendly as well as splurges that are perfect for gifting to your own pets or the pets of your friends this year.


A Trip To The Groomers: For your pet owning friends, this would be a great and valuable treat. If their budget is tight it is a great gift to buy a gift certificate to a local reputable groomer in your area. Pay extra for the cute bows and nails being painted if you think that is something they would appreciate.

Homemade Dog Treats: Make them yourself, order online or pick up at a local pet supply store or bakery. Special organic dog treats are amazing treats your dogs will love, and you won’t feel guilt about feeding them.  We love this Gluten Free Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipe (well Rocky does).

Toys With Catnip For Cats: Every cat loves the smell of catnip. Grab a few fun new treats that include catnip to entice your cats this year. Cats can be picky about new toys so make sure they have something to entice them by. Catnip or squeaks that remind them of real mice are great treats.

Heated Pet Beds: Many options are available, but the goal is to find a bed with the texture your pet will love that offers some warmth. Much like a pet will snuggle under your blankets in cold weather, they will love having a heated bed of their own. They typically operate similarly to an electric blanket and are fairly inexpensive.

Monthly Pet Supply Subscription: Choose from Barkbox or Meowbox for great monthly boxes full of treats, toys and special items for your pet. Order only one or two boxes or sign up for the monthly subscription to surprise your pet with a gift each and every month. This is also a great way to test out new treats and foods without spending a lot of money up front.

Cool New Wardrobe: Not everyone likes to dress up their pets, but if you do there are endless choices out there. Cats are typically not up to wearing outfits, but most dogs enjoy them. Especially in the winter months or in rainy weather.  We like to pick them up after season for the next year.

New Scratching Posts: Whether you buy a brand new one in the store or make your own using boards, rope and/or a scratchy material, a new scratching post will make your cat happy and protect your furniture.

This year don’t forget those loving pets that are always there to comfort you no matter what. Check out these great Christmas gifts for pets to find the perfect deal to give to your friends pets or your own this year. The best thing about pet gifts, is they can be purchased year round at great prices. Tons of savings and the joy of making mans best friend happy.

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