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Beginner Knitting Instructions

Beginner Knitting Instructions #easy #knitting #diy #craft
Here are some Beginner Knitting Instructions. I love to knit and make thing for my family and friends. It also a great way to relax my mind and enjoy some free time. Knitting is a lot like crocheting, but you are making either a “knit” or a “purl” stitch. Once you learn these two stitches you will be on your way to knitting very beautiful things!

Beginner Knitting Instructions #easy #knitting #diy #craft

Beginner Knitting Instructions:

Part 1: Making a Slip Knot

The slip knot for knitting is the same as crocheting if you know how to do that. If not here are directions.

Leave about a 4″ tail and flip the tail over the yarn coming off of the yarn ball.

Flip the tail under the loop that was created so that it is going down the center of the loop from behind.

Pull the tail slightly through the loop.

Place one if your needles into the new top loop created (the smaller of the two loops).

Pull the loop tightly around the needle and this is your slip knot, ready to cast on the first row.

Casting On

Holding the needle with your slip knot on it in your left hand, push the needle in your right hand through the slip knot and behind the other needle.

Wrap the yarn coming from the yarn ball around the right hand needle and between the needles.

Push the right hand needle against the left hand needle and pull the yarn you just wrapped around through the slip knot loop.

Now you should have the slip knot loop still in the left hand, and another loop around the right hand needle (so one loop on each needle).

Push both loops to the top of the needle.

Transfer the loop that’s on the right hand needle to the left hand needle.

Now you should have two loops on the left hand needle.

For the next loop, wrap the yarn around the right hand needle again.

Pull the yarn through the first loop on the left hand needle again so that you have one loop on the right hand needle.

Transfer the right hand loop to the left needle so you now have three loops on the left hand needle.

Continue doing this until you have casted on as many stitches across as you would like. If new I would start with 12 stitches.

Knit Stitch

Place your right needle behind the left needle.

Wrap the yarn counter clockwise around the right needle, and behind the left needle.

Pull the yarn through the loop so it is on the right needle.

Here’s where it get’s different. Push the first stitch on the left needle off of the needle completely.

Now you’ll have less stitches on the left needle, and one on the right.

Continue this same method down the row.

Once all of the stitches are off of the left needle and on the right needle, that row is done.

For the next row, move what was your right needle to your left hand now, and your left needle to your right hand (flip them). The needle with the stitches on it will always start off in your left hand.

Continue stitching the next row as you did the first.

When you have the next row done, you will begin to see the pattern forming.

Casting Off

To start casting off, stitch two knit stitches.

Now you should have two loops on the right needle.

Take your left needle and push it through the second loop on your right needle (the first loop you made).

Pull the loop up and over the first loop and off of the right needle.

Now you will have One loop on the right needle.

Knit another stitch so you have two on the right needle again.

Pull the loop up and over the first loop and off of the right needle again.

Continue repeating this down the row.

Now you should have all of the stitches off of both needles, except for one left on the right needle.

Pull the loop off the needle and cut the yarn, leaving several inches to work with.

Push the excess yarn through the last loop.

Pull it tight to tie off the end of the row. You are done!

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