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Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub is the perfect DIY gift for birthdays or holidays!

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub is a perfect DIY gift to make for someone or yourself! If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a birthday or Christmas then you should look no further.  This Grapefruit Sugar Scrub is so easy to prepare with only 3 ingredients. Yes you only need sugar, oil and grapefruit essential oil.  You can put the sugar scrub in a jar or container of your choice.

This is a really useful scrub to use both in the summer and winter. It really helps remove dead skin and moisturize at the same time. It is one of my favorite gifts to make. I keep a tub in my shower all of the time. Best of all it is really affordable to make at home.

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

1. First start with 1 cup of sugar (white is what I used, but you can use brown sugar too.)

2. Next add in 1/4 cup oil ( I used grape seed oil, but you can use olive, almond or coconut.)

3. For the last step add in 7 drops of Grapefruit essential oil.

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