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St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar

I am in love with this St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Gold Bar. This super cute and frugal DIY project is sure to bring whomever you give it to the luck of the Irish.  This would make an excellent little gift for a teacher, babysitter, friend or for anyone who you are lucky to have in your life!

St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar

If you are a hosting a St. Patrick’s Day lunch or tea, I think this favor would be perfect! Anytime you want to spread some kindness and give someone a little appreciation this is the perfect and inexpensive gift idea. I mean who doesn’t love a delicious Godiva candy bar!

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Gold Bar:


Gold wrapped candy bar
1 sheet of green scrapbook paper
Glue or sticky dots
Heart shaped punch
Chalkboard spray paint

St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar
Step 1 – Carefully unwrap the outer wrapper from your candy bar to use as a guide to measure and cut your green scrapbook paper.

St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar

Step 2 – Wrap the green scrapbook paper around the candy bar and seal with a glue dot or a line of glue.

Step 3 – Cut a tag from the scrapbook paper, my paper was white on the reverse. I cut a tag that was 3 x 2.5 inches.

St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar

Step 4 – Spray your tag with 2 coats of chalkboard spray paint, make sure your little tag doesn’t blow away! I used a paper ream box lid as a makeshift spray booth. Let dry thoroughly.

Step 5 – Cut 3 hearts from your green paper, this will form the shamrock.

St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar

Step 6 – I used some green flocking from Martha Stewart Crafts that I found at TJ Maxx for $1.50! What a steal! This just added some dimension to the shamrock, but certainly not necessary. (Optional)

Step 7 – Place your 3 hearts with the tips facing each other to create the shamrock and glue in place on the chalkboard tag.

Step 8 – With either a marker or another scrap of paper, cut a small stem for the shamrock.

Step 9 – Wrap your candy bar with a scrap of ribbon and attach your tag to the candy bar.

Step 10 – Fill out the tag to let someone special know just how lucky you are to have them in your life!

I had most of the supplies on hand, so the whole project cost me about $4. The chocolate bar was the most expensive! Be sure to scour your local craft store for leftover Valentine’s supplies (on super clearance too!) that include heart paper punches and stamps that can easily be used to make cute little shamrocks. I hope you enjoy gifting this easy St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar.

St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY Gold Bar

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