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Staples Sustainable Earth Products Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Staples Sustainable Earth Products - Celebrate Earth Day Everyday - Final

Staples Sustainable Earth Products Celebrate Earth Day Every Day! Earth Day is right around the corner and it is a great time to celebrate Mother Earth.  However if you are like us you then you might like to celebrate Earth Day every day.   One way that you can celebrate Earth Day everyday is by purchasing Sustainable Earth by Staples™ products.  They are eco-conscious products, made with the environment in mind.  These eco-preferable products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials and/or are third-party certified to validate their environmental quality.

We love that you can choose from re-manufactured toner cartridges, sustainable office supplies, eco-preferable cleaning and paper supplies. These products help to lessen your impact on the environment which is a great way to celebrate Earth Day everyday.

Staples Sustainable Earth Products - Celebrate Earth Day Everyday Cleaning Pic

Staples Sustainable Earth Products Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

We have had the opportunity to use several of the Sustainable Earth by Staples™ products in our home during the past month.  I really put them to the test and want to share the results with you.  Two thumbs up not only for quality but for the environment too!

Sustainable options for office or home.  With Sustainable Earth by Staples™ office supplies, the quality is guaranteed.  The notebooks and paper are made from sugarcane by-products, which means fewer trees are cut down, and a rapidly renewable resource is maximized.  Calculator case and buttons as well as the body of staplers are made from 100% recycled ink and toner cartridges, which help reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Get Organized and Celebrate Mother Earth Day Every Day

We tested two notebooks and they were perfect for making lists, recording information and taking notes.  I love to get organized in the Spring and by using the Sustainable Earth notebooks I was able to create to-do lists for Spring Cleaning and Organization.   I love the heavy-weight kraft board cover for firm writing surface and pockets for more durability. It also has heavy duty kraft pockets too!  I also used the Sustainable Earth file folders to organize my office paperwork.  I love the thick quality of the folders.

Cleaning and paper supplies.  Staples eco-preferable* cleaners are a great way to lessen impact on the environment and paper is made from 100% recycled fiber with a minimum of 40% and as much as 80% post-consumer content. No new trees are harvested for Sustainable Earth by Staples™ paper and it is whitened without harmful chlorine.  *Compared to conventional cleaning products.

We used the Sustainable Earth paper towels for cleaning and found them to be extremely absorbent.  In fact I loved feeling comfortable allowing my son to be able to clean with the all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and paper towels.  It was a great way to add chores to his t0-do list because the cleaners are unscented, ammonia and phosphate free.  I am a huge fan of the multipurpose cleaning wipes.  I used them for cleaning my microwave and stove top.  They cut through the grease the grime and had a nice fresh scent.

Best of all these Sustainable Earth by Staples™ products are made from renewable resources, recycled and/or compostable materials.   All of Staples Brand products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed so you have nothing to lose and all to gain by trying the Sustainable Earth by Staples™ products.

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  1. I LOVE Staples!! At home we recycle daily! I love Staples Sustainable Earth products, i.e., notebooks and folders, I even order those for work. My washer, dryer, and dishwasher are all Energy Savers! Oh and did I mention that I LOVE Staples!!

  2. I am going to have to get some of these products to help me keep the Earth healthy buy using Staples products! I think that this is so good to do my part for the environment!

  3. Vinegar and baking soda are my go-to cleaners for many of my household cleaning chores, including outside too.

  4. I try to make every day earth day!! Today I planted a few new plants and am also heading out to get seeds for my garden.

  5. We use Staples Sustainable products at work. They are great! Recycled toners, paper, folders, etc.!

  6. We always use eco friendly cleaning products in our home, I also love making home made cleaners too that are earth friendly. These are awesome products!

  7. This is the best part: “No new trees are harvested for Sustainable Earth by Staples™ paper and it is whitened without harmful chlorine”

  8. Love that we are concerned about safe cleaning products and not wasting paper. My favorite thing to do is to recycle our paper products

  9. Love the Sustainable Earth products. My grandson likes to help clean and I feel good letting him use these products .

  10. Thank you so much for letting us know that Staples have tons of recycle products I need to go and buy them

  11. All of our kids notebooks & printer paper, and our home office copy paper, envelopes, etc. are made from recycled post-consumer content paper / fiber.

  12. I love the Sustainable Earth by Staples products! such a great idea and we should all be thinking of ways we can help our environment!

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