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DIY Glowing Snowflake

My husband saved a ton of money by making this DIY holiday decoration himself!

This easy-to-make DIY Glowing Snowflake is made from steel strips and mini lights! My husband saw it on Lowes Creative Idea and decided to make it for our house. It was easy to make and very affordable too! He made it in a matter of minutes and now it hangs from a window in our house for everyone to see.

DIY Glowing Snowflake

DIY Glowing Snowflake

Step 1: Arrange the steel strips in a snowflake pattern as shown above.

Step 2: Connect the three strips together in the middle using a bolt, washer, lock, and nut. (Be careful as the edges are sharp – we suggest filing them if possible).

Step 3: Wrap with a string of clear mini lights — poking bulbs through the holes in the steel strips — then hang.

From start to finish this project cost us less than $30. If you purchase your lights after Christmas or on sale then it would be even less!

DIY Glowing Snowflake

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  1. Okay, that’s cool! And probably a lot safer than the ones you can buy–if anyone ever read the directions, they say to keep your contact (skin) with them to minimal and wash your hands immediately after touching. Scary! Much better and handier this way!

  2. we made a cross with some garden stakes and lights. May have to redo it at the end of the season, i could so adapt the snowflake idea. Hey do those peices come in smaller sizes?

  3. This is a really cool idea! I think we already have everything we need to make this. We have a ton of lights but as we have gotten olderwe have put out less and less lights and decorations during Christmas season and begun to focus to the real meaning of Christmas. This star would be pretty on the house though.

  4. haha….at first when I seen this I thought it was a kids craft but was wondering how the glow part work…but I do like the idea!!!

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