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Burnt Cookies For The Reindeer

Burnt Cookies For The Reindeer. I shared last year how I make Reindeer Food for my son each year and one of our readers shared her Christmas tradition. They burn cookies for the reindeer.

 Christmas Eve Tradition – Burnt Cookies For The Reindeer

About 8 years ago was the first time she baked cookies for Santa.  Her daughter was 2 1/2 and they were having so much fun. Mommy “goofed” and burnt the first batch, her daughter was so upset. She thought quickly and told her about how much Rudolph and his friends LOVE burnt cookies.

Mrs. Claus even has to make them batches every year. She assured her that it would be a special treat because Mrs. Claus doesn’t like to burn the cookies and stink up the kitchen so she doesn’t do it often. They took all the burnt cookies outside and walked around dropping them. Later that night our reader went out and scrunched them all up and the next morning she was thrilled to see that reindeer had enjoyed our “burnt” cookies.  They have done this every year since.

I love creating meaningful Christmas traditions for Peyton!  Check out this on creating meaningful holiday traditions with more ideas!

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