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DIY Jamicure in a Jar

DIY Jamicure in a Jar is perfect for gift giving or donating for a fundraiser! Simple and quick to make!

Here is a simple DIY gift that you can make in under 10 minutes! Jamicure in a Jar is a great gift for a teacher, mother, sister or to even donate for a fundraiser. Recently I was part of a baseball fundraiser for my son’s team. I used to be a consultant for Jamberry Nails and was asked if I could donate something for a raffle. So, I came up with the idea of Jamicure in a Jar.

This DIY Jamicure in a Jar includes a sheet of nail wraps (heat activated nail stickers), nail file, buffer, alcohol wipe, orange stick and a Mini Sheet of Accent Nails. Everything you need to apply these fabulous nail wraps. I plan to make several of these my son’s teachers for Christmas.

DIY Jamicure in a Jar is perfect for gift giving or donating for a fundraiser!

DIY Jamicure in a Jar:

To make this wonderful DIY gift you will need a mason jar, burlap, hot glue stick and the supplies to put inside.

Start by making the burlap bow (you can find the directions here –>How to make a Burlap Bow) or you can use raffia.

Once the bow is made, spread glue on the backside and lay your jar down. Attach the bow to it. Allow it to cool around 5 minutes to make sure the bow stays attached. Use as much hot glue as needed.

Next fill the jar full of everything you need for a manicure or pedicure. Place the lid on and your gift is ready!

Jamicure in a Jar

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    1. We haven’t sold them but you easily could! Just figure out your costs and then add how much you want to make off of each 🙂 I have had people ask me to make them as gifts and offer to purchase them.

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