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How To Be a Good Football Mom

As a mother, your goal in life is to protect your children to the best of your ability. When it comes to playing sports, that can be a tough thing to manage. How to Be a Good Football Mom involves stepping back and letting your children play without fearing injuries. While we hesitate to do so, it is something we must learn.

How to Be a Good Football Mom! You don't want to be "that" Mom. Check out these tips!


Educate Yourself: If you plan to be on the sidelines and cheering on your kids, you really need to know a bit about the sport. Take some time to learn about what they are playing. Ask questions of the coaches, your spouse or simply look up information online. There are tons of great YouTube videos out there with information and examples of things to help you learn.

Respect Their Wishes: There will be an age and a time when your kids don’t want mom around. Sometimes your teenager is going to ask you to stop coming to practices, or to not cheer quite so loudly. As much as you want to be their biggest cheerleader, they may prefer that you sit toward the back of the crowd and congratulate them when you get home and not in front of their friends.

Be Available: There will be bad games. There will be injuries. There will be frustrations and days of being overwhelmed. Make sure that you are available to listen when they need you. Put yourself out there to encourage and help them get back on track.  Be there when they need you most.

Get to Know the Team: Open your home to his teammates. Make sure to get to know the team and make them feel welcome any time. Giving them the chance to hang out outside of practice is a great way to help them build friendships with their teammates.  If you offer pizza after the game chances, are they will come and though it may cost you a bit you will be the house where they like to hang out.

Show Team Spirit: While some kids may wish for you to stay in the background, others may want you front and center. Gauge your kids’ interest in you being there and plan accordingly. Grab shirts in team colors and make sure to be at every possible game. Show team spirit to encourage your child and their team.

This year you can learn to be a good football mom just by listening to your kids. No matter what age they are, what team they are on, they will always need their mom for support. Make sure you work to show them you are on their side, always there to listen and want to cheer them on at every game.

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