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Tips for Selecting a Deep Freezer

Tips for Selecting a Deep Freezer

Here are some Tips for Selecting a Deep Freezer. We are often asked about how to select a deep freezer of if we know of any good freezer sales.  Shelley and I both have an upright deep freezer and our best advice to you is to factor the following before you make a purchase.

How To Select a Deep Freezer:

The first thing to decide is do you want a chest or upright freezer.  In our opinion the ease of having an upright is what made our decision.  Being able to open the door and easily see what we have is why we went with an upright.  However, if you inventory your stockpile that would help if you chose a chest freezer.  A helpful tip is to keep a detailed inventory and check off items after used.  Personally, a chest freezer is not something I would ever consider for safety with my son however that may not be a concern for you.  I have used both a chest and upright freezer and by far having an upright is easier.  However, if you factor the cost of you may find that a chest freezer is in your price range.

Next consider size.  In our opinion bigger is better.  We both chose a 17-cu foot freezer and can remember thinking how big it was and how will we ever fill it?  Now we look back at that and laugh.  If we were purchasing again, we would definitely go bigger.  If you are considering purchasing a side of beef, freezing milk, loaves of bread or cartons of juice it will quickly fill your freezer in no time.

Finally, a major consideration for us was energy efficiency.  We wanted a deep freezer that would be energy efficient.  This is something that you may want to consider when making a purchase. The freezer will highlight if it is an energy star appliance or not.  Something else to consider is if your deep freezer that has a lock on it. This is something that I personally wanted.

When it comes to making a purchase, our best tip is to compare prices.  Look at the stores that you have available to you and shop around.  Also, consider any incentives that you store has for you to shop, like a rewards program or other available discounts.  We find that September and October seem to be the best time of year as far as sales for major appliances because manufacturers are releasing their new models for the upcoming year and stores want to deplete their current inventory.  Another idea is to look for floor samples or scratch and dent appliances for a deeper discount.

My deep freezer for those who are interested is a Frigidaire and is 17 feet.

So, my question to you – Do you have a deep freezer? 

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  1. Yes! I love mine! My husband got me a large, black upright one for Mothers Day last year. I was thinking I was getting a chest, then he rolled up with it! I can honostly say I will miss it for the next 4 years while we are in Germany. 🙁

  2. We bought a small chest freezer. Our main consideration was space to put a freezer. It fits just perfectly underneath our open counter top and it’s on wheels so we pull it out when we need it. Once a week or so when I put groceries away I “try” to rotate things out of the chest freezer for next week’s meals into our regular fridge/freezer. It’s really been an amazing thing to have extra space! I love it and highly recommend one.

    Also one thing that has surprisingly been a HUGE money saver for my family was buying a new refrigerator. Our old fridge was put putting for a while…but we figured “hey, it still works!”. Well mom wanted a bottom freezer fridge so we got her one with our tax return. Our food now stays colder and lasts much much longer than in our old fridge! I think by the end of the year we will have come close to paying for the fridge because we aren’t wasting any food. Awesome!

  3. About 6 months before I learned about stockpiling/couponing, our large chest freezer went out. We discussed it, and decided having extra space in the garage was important to us, so replaced it with a smaller chest freezer. Yes, I kick myself daily! I wanted to comment on your post tho, about not wanting a chest freezer due to safety–mine would never be a safety issue, if I want to put a pack of hot dogs in, I have to re-arrange things!

  4. We have 2 freezers. One is strictly the cow and bread freezer. You mentioned a side of beef earlier, we typically buy either 1/2 or 3/4 of a cow, food save and freeze it. Then come bbq time we are ready! Bring on the friends! We also go to a local bread store and get the day old healthy loaves for 1/3 the grocery store price. We try to go on their double stamp days and earn more bread for free. Works out to be about $10.00 for 14 large loaves after the freebies.
    The other freezer is for other meats and frozen veggies and all the week in a day plan ahead meal items.

  5. In 4 years my husband and I will be alone, but now we have one daughter in 3rd year of college and a son in high school. Is it better for us to only purchase a smaller chest vs a larger upright, considering the future? Right now we have gotten by with a second fridge in the garage, but it does limit me as to what I can stock up on for the freezer. We need something else, but I am concerned a larger upright will be too large after 4 years from now. Anyone have any advice? What is the lifespan of either model–is that the real factor?

    1. It is just DH and I. We now have a french door refrigerator and a small chest freeezer. I would opt for a small upright because of the ease of use. You will also need extra freezer space for turkeys etc. for family events.

    2. Get the big one! The kids will keep coming back!!!!!! AND THEY MULTIPLY!! LOL Also, we have had a deep chest freezer that we bought 25 yrs ago from the former owners of our house..it was NOT new even then..and now 25+ years later it is rusting and impossible to defrost…but the worst thing is that as I get older…it gets even harder (and at times dangerous) for me to try to reach things on the bottom!! Just something to consider..I have had an UPRIGHT FREEZER on my Christmas list for a while now…..maybe this year Santa will bring me one!

  6. I do have a freezer but its a chest and I HATE it! It’s so hard to organize and you have to almost crawl in there and dig through everything to find the right thing. I’m begging for a new one soon 🙂

  7. Get as big of one as you can afford. I recommend an upright, I have had chest freezers before, they are so much less convenient even if you work in a machine shop and make an insert to keep things organized like I did.
    The nice thing with uprights is you can have 1 shelf or 2 to dedicate to the freezer meals or dinners ready items.

  8. I can’t find any upright freezer that is 27 cu ft.
    Did you mean to say 17 cu ft ? I’m on the market for an upright freezer and I love your tips.

  9. My husband and I have decided that we need more freezer space and are trying to find a full sized freezer. I agree that an upright freezer would be better and that bigger is probably better. Thanks for the advice about picking a freezer!

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