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Living in the “land” of Doubles

Living in the “land” of Doubles. We are often asked HOW we are able to save so much money at the store.  The answer is simple really, by strategically using coupons and understanding the sales cycle.

Living in the “land” of Doubles

Regardless of where you live if you start watching your sales cycle and create a price book you will be able to see how prices cycle each week.  After you have done this for a while you will figure out when a product is at the lowest price during the cycle.  Next you match any available coupons when the product is at rock bottom or the lowest price during the cycle and that is when you stockpile.

Now with that being said, we live in the “land” of doubles.  Our stores double coupons up to $1.00.  So, for example a coupon that has a face value of $.25 doubles to $.50, a coupon with a face value of $.50 doubles to $1.00 which is normal in many areas however in addition coupons that have a value of $.51 – $.99 double to $1.00 in value.  Taking it to another level our Kroger doubles unlimited amounts of coupons!  So this is what I call living in the “land” of doubles.

However, I do want to say that regardless if you live in the “land” of doubles or not you can still save up to 50% off of your groceries by strategically using coupons and matching coupon during the sales cycle.  By living in the “land” of doubles we are able to take our savings to 70%.  There are ways that you can increase your savings by remitting rebates and monthly menu planning.  You may have to think outside of the box to get your savings to a higher level but it is possible.

What you do need to keep in mind is that Walmart does not cycle.  They have “everyday low prices” so you are going to see a more constant price at Walmart versus seeing a cycle of prices like at the other retailers.  You can strategically use coupons at Walmart and that would be the best piece of advice for success shopping there.  Also, they just changed the Walmart Coupon Policy so you can get overage.  This is a great way to reduce the cost of your groceries or take the overage to another store to shop.

We have been asked is it worth driving out of your town for a store that doubles or triples.  I really think you have to factor in the high gas costs right now.  I personally don’t think it is worth it to drive an hour or more to shop a double or triple unless you feel that you savings with justify it.  If they do then yes, I would consider it.  If you are going to be in an area that doubles or triples and you could work in a shopping trip while there anyway then YES I would think that is worth it.

I hope this helps answers any questions about living in the “land” of doubles!

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  1. Ok, I just got done watching 3 episodes of “Extreme Couponing”. I am soooo amazed at the stories that are being told, of how they began to become extreme couponers. I am glad that I saw this site, because I lost my job over 2 years ago…and my husband is the only bread winner in the home. We have a very large family, my husband said…”Babe, you can do this and save us money and use our shed to store you stock pile”.

    So I am excited and ready to start becoming a “Extreme Couponer”. This way I can feel like I am financially supporting my family again, and give my husband pockets a break!!! LOL

  2. I have to say that driving over an hour is my best bet for sure. I live in a very rural area and the closest grocery store is 12 miles away. It is a mom and pop shop that rarely has a good deal.

    The closest store that has reasonable prices is Wal-mart, 22 miles away. Their prices are a LOT higher than most of the coupon websites I have been on. For example, this week several sites are listing Shick Razors as a FREE item at Wal-mart – $1.97 for a 12 pack less $2.00 coupon. The same pack of razors sells for $2.97 at my Wal-mart. They only price match their one and only competitor – another mom and pop shop that the locals shop at just because they want a choice (not a better price).

    When I started learning to coupon the past few weeks, I learned there is a Dillons (part of Kroger stores) 65 miles away that doubles coupons. My first shopping trip out to test the waters, I saved $75 at the register on less than $200 worth of groceries, more than twice what my gas cost. Plus I earn 10 cents per gallon off my gas at a Dillons pump for every $100 spent accumulated throughout the month up to $1! On my Yukon that can be up to a $25 savings on one tank. And since I have a family of 6, it may not be much of a stretch to save up to $1 off in one month because it seems you get the reward points on the purchase price before coupons (not real sure, but I certainly got more points than dollars spent)! 😀

  3. Well, I am new to this…I am still learning for the most part. Although, I don’t think the coupon show did us much “good”. Seems like we traded out for the secrets of the couponing to in turn not get as good coupons. At least here, you can get a couple of good deals, but if it weren’t for RR it wouldn’t ever be such a good deal. I’d like to go back in time before the show and know what I know now!! hehe ;o)

  4. I somewhat stock pile but now most of the stores in the area don’t double coupons…….now what? It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to use coupons. Any advice?

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