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Direct Sales and Stockpiling

I wanted to write about hosting direct sales parties and the benefits they bring.  Hosting a direct sales party is a great way to Stockpile for the Holiday’s as a source for inexpensive gifts for gift giving.

Direct Sales and Stockpiling

I was in direct sales for 11 years and during that time I had a lot of parties for other home-based businesspeople in “exchange” for hosting one for me. What I found from all those years of hosting parties is that several home-based businesses offer great hostess incentives for having an in home or catalog party.

Gift Giving by Hosting a Direct Sales Party

Direct Sales and Stockpiling

Most people think that hosting a party costs a lot of money however I don’t agree with that.  If you are a stockpilier you can host a party very inexpensively! I recently hosted a jewelry party and served a simple dessert and beverages and that was it! How simple and those items came directly from my stockpile. I love having parties because it is a great excuse to have my friends over and clean my house. By hosting an in home party you can really reap the benefits if the company offers a good hostess program.

For example this past spring I hosted a Thirty One Party and earned over $300.00 in FREE product! The best time to take advantage of hosting a party is when home based business offer DOUBLE HOSTESS AWARDS! This is how I did so well when I hosted my party!

Not only do you have an excuse to invite friends over and have fun you are able to earn FREE product for very little effort. I was able to use that $300 worth of FREE product for over 10 gifts for Christmas! I always say that you need to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving and this is prime example.  The above picture is of a Thirty One Thermal Tote filled with snacks from my stockpile that I gave as gifts.

Stockpiling 101

Ways To Save:

If you are a direct seller please feel free to leave a link to your business here on this post!

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  1. This is so true! I use to do this before I started with Thirty-One and I still do it when I have open houses to either pick up family gifts for my stash and to stock up on hostesses gifts for my parties. And thanks for highlighting Thirty-One. I think we have great hostess rewards. Anyone interested can visit http://www.mythirtyone.com/megwills7902 for more info.

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