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What are you saving for?

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What are you saving for?  For many of us we strategically use coupons because we “have” too.  I started using them because I wanted to continue staying home with my son.  I continue to use them so that I can provide things for my family that I wouldn’t be able too without.  Our economy is tough right now.  Prices are inflating and income is remaining the same.  If I didn’t strategically use coupons, then I would not be able to continue staying home.

What are you saving for?

In 2011 We paid cash for our Disney vacation!  This would not be possible without stockpiling.  I know that may sound crazy however it is true.  I am able to save thousands of dollars a year by strategically using coupons so that my family can do things that they normally wouldn’t get to do.  Before I started stockpiling, we were barely able to afford our groceries.  We were spending up to $500 a month and now we are spending $130 on average a month to feed our family of 3!  That includes household, health and beauty and food (including organics).

We have made the decision to go back to Disney in 2013 and guess how we are going to do it?  If you guessed paying cash with our savings, you are correct!

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  1. I am saving to get the down payment for the pool in our backyard. I have started slowly but surly saving about 40.00 each trip. I try to save more it is really hard though.

  2. I live in new york. about 2 years ago i kind of tracked how much we spent on groceries for 4 and a dog with personal care and cleaners. I was spending about 1500 a month. i think now i spend anywhere from 800- 1000. i have been trying to save all my receipts this month to see what i spent. anyway…i would like to figure out a way how much i am saving with coupons. this past few months i have learned to shop at cvs and walgreens and i been usng alot of coupons and built a nice little stockpile. do i calculate the coupons only? or do i count when it also doubles? i would like to just save to have a savings acct. i was even thinking of writing a check from one acct to another everytime i use coupons…just to see if that works. how do you calculate your savings?

    1. My quick and easy way of tracking my coupon savings is to transfer the dollar amounts I saved, from my checking acct into my savings acct. I usually enter the amounts weekly- keep the receipts to track your savings. I started doing this in Jan 2011 and have already saved enough cash to buy a nice, brand new dryer! And this is only counting clipped and store coupons savings (not including Groupons and multiple other daily deals, which have saved me a TON)!

  3. I am a successful couponier however, I can not for the life of me see how you can only spend 130.00 a month for groceries. There are only 2 people in our household, we eat 3 meals a day at home, and I am spending about 400.00 a month on groceries. With turkey or chicken deli lunch meat 7.00 a pound or more,and it only lasts a few days for our lunch before that pound of deli meat is gone, that alone is a pretty penny each and every month. Then there is breakfast and dinner. How in the world can I only spend 130.00 for food etc?

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