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Stockpiling Glow Sticks for Special Events

Stockpiling Glow Sticks for Special Events. I love to stockpile glow sticks for special occasions. After Halloween I posted about how I stockpiled Glow Sticks that I got for 75% off. Now I will explain why 🙂

Glow Sticks for special occasions

Stockpiling Glow Sticks for Special Events:

First of all, they make great party favors or are just fun to break out for a family fun movie night. We love to use them on summer nights at the late-night swim at our pool, when we are collecting lightening bugs and when we go to the drive in. We also use them for July 4th. Honestly, they are a great way to keep up with your kids in the dark 🙂

However, I also stockpile them for special events. Instead of paying $20+ dollars for glow toys at Disney on Ice, the Circus or other special events I come prepared with my glow sticks from my stockpile. I also pack my glow sticks when going to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, King’s Island and when we go to Disney World. By stockpiling the Glow Sticks after Halloween, I am able to save hundreds of dollars a year! I often times purchase them in bulk on Amazon.com when I find a hot deal.

Stockpiling doesn’t have to be limited to groceries. Think outside of the box when it comes to stockpiling and save even more from your family budget! You can also use them to create handmade Valentine Cards.

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  1. I can appreciate this article… just question… does it really work at a place like Disney on Ice? I didn’t stockpile glow sticks this year…because I just saw this article. BUT… I will give it a whirl next year after Halloween. I think it is great for other occasions such as taking a walk in the neighborhood or playing games outside in the backyard at night.

    You are right… there are ways to save money places other than just groceries… I am looking to learn more about such things this year!

  2. I stockpile glow sticks also!!! I thought I was the only one, haha! I buy them on clearance after halloween. I live in tornado alley and a lot of times in the storm season our power will go out. A Glow Stick is so much safer to have than lit candles! I have 5 kids (out of my 8) who are still live at home. Too many little ones to want to trust a bunch of candles everywhere.

    One time we had the power go out for 3 days and I gave my kids the glow sticks which do glow the entire night. They were using them like light sabers playing. Without power we didn’t have entertainment…but my kids entertained us for sure!

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