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What if your Catalina Doesn’t Print?

What should you do if you Catalina Doesn’t Print?  Follow these steps so that you don’t miss out on the savings that you are expecting.

What if your Catalina Doesn't Print?

What if your Catalina Doesn’t Print?

1.  Before checking out be sure the Catalina machine has the green light “lit”.  If it is not on, then it may not be working correctly.  It could be out of paper or out of order.  If there is red light do not use that lane.  Occasionally the system could be down store wide but typically it is machine by machine.  I always check for the green light before I check out if I expect a Catalina.

2.  Did you purchase the qualifying items/minimum necessary to earn the Catalina?  If the answer is yes, check your receipt to be sure they rang correctly.

3.  If you expect a Catalina and you do not earn it, go to the store customer service desk immediately before leaving the store and explain what happened.  Your store may issue you a replacement.

4.  If the store will not issue you a replacement contact Catalina.  You will need to provide your store name, address and phone number, date and time of purchase and reference number from your store receipt.  You may contact Catalina via email or via phone by calling (877) 210-1917, option 1.

I hope that answers you question and if you want to learn more about Catalina’s then read our post, What is a Catalina?

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  1. What about Meijer’s Custom Coupons. I had one not print out last week, and the customer service desk closed right before I had finished checking out. (My receipt stated 11:03 pm. I was in line in plenty of time, the customer in front of me left his items on the belt to go get his wallet.) Will they issue one later?

  2. During the Kroger Daytona event, I had a machine that didn’t print out my 2 $3.00 catalinas. The cashier gave me $6.00 cash. Whoohoo!

    1. Yep, they had a lot of issues with that event not printing and were really good about taking care of it. 🙂

  3. This has happened to us a few times… mainly at the Meijer in Milford, Ohio. They do not honor the catalina so we had to contact the company. It is important to do this right away because the catalina has specific dates which it runs… Although we had to jump through hoops to confirm that the catalina DID NOT print… we ended up getting them in the mail in a short time.

    This is a great post because most people would just walk away assuming they did something wrong or the catalina was wrong when that is not truly the case.

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