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Food Lion Coupon Policy

Food Lion Coupon Policy. I wanted to share with you “how to” strategically use coupons on Food Lion.  This is a great store that you can shop at save big when using coupons and building your stockpile.

Food Lion Coupon Policy:

Food Lion: Does not double coupons. They limit to 10 like coupons per transaction unless specified in the sales ad (or Manager’s Discretion). When they advertise a product on sale BOGO, the 2 items will ring up at half price for each item. If you buy one of a BOGO deal (instead of buying 2 of the products), it will ring up at half price so you can buy odd amounts. This is great when you only want one of a specific product or if you have an odd number of coupons to match.

They will allow you to use a coupon for both items in a BOGO deal. They do accept FREE coupons. They do not accept competitor’s coupons. Food Lion accepts Internet printable coupons as long as they don’t beep and are legitimate. The do offer rain checks and they do not expire! They do allow store manager discretion which means they may decide not to accept a coupon they “feel” is invalid (if it beeps). They do NOT allow stacking.

They offer store coupons, promotions, deals and offers through the Shoppers Companion email program. Sign up at Foodlion.com. They have a store card called a MVP card. You can receive offers on products you buy and find out about promotions.

They now offer Digital coupons that can loaded directly to your MVP Card!  These coupons can often be stacked with paper coupons however this may vary on your store.

Please be sure to print the Food Lion coupon policy and place it in your binder.


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