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Stockpiling 101 – Organizing Your Stockpile

Stockpiling 101 – Organizing Your Stockpile. It is very important to organize your stockpile.  This has been a growth process for us.  As our stockpile grows, we have to change the location or add to it.

Organizing Your Stockpile

We started in our pantry which we quickly outgrew.  Next, I began putting my stockpile in the basement and it quickly became unorganized and a mess.  At that point my hubby decided it was time to build stockpile shelving in our unfinished basement.

We are blessed to have room in our unfinished basement.  I suggest that if you have a basement that you locate your stockpile there.  It is worth clearing some clutter for your stockpile, you can read more about removing clutter in one of my past posts.

If you store your items in the garage you will have to factor that the temperature does not remain constant, causing problems with your stockpile freezing or melting.  This will affect many items and can potentially ruin them.  Also, animals and bugs could compromise your stockpile.

If you do not have shelving you can spare in your basement or don’t have a basement you could consider buying a rubber maid storage cabinet like the one pictured and place it in a guest bedroom, the corner of your dining room, office or kitchen.

Another suggestion is to re-purpose a linen closet or bedroom closet to organize your stockpile there.  If you are creative, you will find a location for your stockpile.  Keep in mind that you need room for your stockpile to grow, you need space so that you can see what you have, and you need be able to access your stockpile.  I like being able to stand in front of mine when I “shop” from it.

I personally organize my stockpile by category.  Similar to how I organize my coupon binder.  I keep like items together and you can read more about how I inventory my stockpile in an upcoming post!

In my opinion organizing your stockpile is as important as building it.  If you don’t keep it organized, you don’t know what you have and you can’t use it effectively.  As most of you know I am an organization nut.  The best gift I ever got was the label maker!  Thanks, Mom 🙂 I hope this helps you in creating an organization space for your stockpile.

Stockpiling 101

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  1. I wanted to add, its important to keep your cleaning products separate or at least “lower” then your food. Think about it this way, if that bottle of Windex leaks down into your cake mix… its unusable!

    1. Thanks for mentioning that! I have since changed how I supply my chemicals. They are ALL separate from my food 🙂

  2. why not stop buying all those cleaning products. I use vinegar and baking soda for most of my cleaning products works great and it saves me a ton. I still buy dish detergent and laundry detergent but a lot of products we really do not need and if going green is your goal you really should give it a try.

  3. This has some very good info. Our stockpile is in our basement, so we will be using this info as a guideline. Thank you!

  4. I wish I had a basement….no basement homes in California. I think I’ll start with the closet in the spare room. Thanks so much for the great tips.

  5. I have changed location of my stockpile three times. My older son moved out and I claimed the built in entertainment center which is a complete wall full of shelves and cabinets. It’s my stockpile heaven, LOL. Easy to see the products and keep them in order by dates. Before I was so unorganized and couldn’t see labels and a lot of time my stockpile would go bad before using things. Just couldn’t get to it. Coupon binder is another story…I don’t have one and am still using an old accordion style coupon folder that fits in my purse. NIGHTMARE it is…def need an upgrade.

  6. Organization is key when it comes to stockpiling. It is also very important to keep like items together. My husband recently reorganized our stockpile and I am not a huge fan. I either need to learn the new system or have him develop a system that I am able to live with.

    We keep cleaning product, laundry detergent, etc… in a separate area away from our food just for safety purposes. I am lucky to have adequate rooms that allows me to do this.

    If anyone wants to come to my house and help me organize… let me know… I live in Loveland, Ohio 🙂

  7. any suggestion on what to do about mice?? we live in an old house(not nice historical old…just old!) they just always seem to get in no matter what we do…..makes me nervous to stockpile in the basement, eventhough it is partially finished, even if i buy a rubbermaid cabinet(or something similar)??

    1. Living in the country, we get an occasional invader. I try to keep only the canned goods and stuff not easily chewed through in the basement. Boxed foods are a no go!

    2. My daughter moved into an old building in an urban area that was repurposed into loft condos. Shortly after they moved in they had problems with mice. They got some electronic pest control devices that you plug in from the hardware store. I believe they are made by Black & Decker. They have a night light (very dim) and you can still use the outlet as they have a receptacle on the side. They put them in the hallway which extends from one end to the other. The electric impulses extend to all areas of the condo and they have never had another problem. I believe they were about $7 each. They have a dog so don’t be concerned about it bothering their ears.

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