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Stockpiling Without Double Coupons

Stockpiling Without Double Coupons

We are often asked how are we able to stockpile now that double coupons have ended in our area.  So we are sharing with you our views on stockpiling without double coupons.  Is it still possible to still stockpile?  How has this effected us?

Stockpiling Without Double Coupons:

To be honest with you when Kroger stopped doubling coupons we decided to stay positive and hope for the best.  It has been a full year and we can honestly say that we still do the majority of our shopping at Kroger.  However we have made some changes in our stockpiling strategies that we wanted to share that with you.

Stockpiling has changed for us since the end of double coupons but it is still possible to save money by using coupons and by watching the sales cycle.  We don’t stockpile in as large of quantities as we used too but we can still save money with coupons which allows for us to spend on other necessities in our life.  Remember that a coupon is still CASH.  By clipping it you are able to save more than without it.

Changes to our stockpiling:

We purchased a Sam’s Club membership and shop at Sam’s Club for items that we can no longer purchase at the grocery store matched with a coupon for less when matched with the sales cycle. This is a big change for us however we find by supplementing our traditional grocery shopping with Sam’s Club is actually saving us money, we like buying in Bulk and this is a way to do so.

We use digital coupons more often at Kroger.  We are finding that digital coupons are often better than paper coupons.  We used to load digital coupons strategically – using paper coupons that would double first.  Now we are loading digital coupons often times instead of using paper coupons because we save more with them.

Free Friday Download – each week on Friday for 1 day only you can load (1) FREE product coupon to your kroger card!  Visit www.kroger.com/freefridaydownload before 11:59 p.m. PST on Fridays, and download your coupon within (2) weeks.

We use apps like Ibotta to save money.  This is a great resource for rebates, coupons and a great way to save more money!

We are still watching the sales cycles and purchasing stockpile quantities of product when the item is at its lowest price and when it matches with an available coupon then we stockpile. We are finding that Kroger Mega Sales are still the best in terms of the best time to Stockpile.

When we need a product that is not on sale we find that purchasing it at Walmart – where prices don’t cycle but are generally what is considered an everyday low price is better.  This is when you don’t need to stockpile but are in need of an ingredient.  You can also price match at Walmart and Target – we like to price match the Aldi ad at Walmart saving us lots of money on produce.

Be sure to check out this post on how to Utilize Your Freezer in our 7 Days of Stockpiling Series. How to freeze eggs, milk, cheese and more!  This is another way in which we continue to save.  We hope this posts helps you.  The truth is without doubling we don’t save as much as we used too and our strategies have changed.

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  1. We’ve let couponing go by the wayside since Kroger let double coupon go.

    I find that Wal-mart does have a lower price on most items, so normally we’re doing our shopping there most of the time.

    The only real advantage to Kroger is we will buy our gift cards there, and prescriptions, and use the fuel rewards (now that the Mall Road location has gas pumps).

  2. Since I got a bit busy for couponing, I started purchasing about 90% of my groceries from Sam’s club and then pick up a few items from Kroger. I need to get back into couponing again though because now my stockpile is pretty much non existent.

  3. We moved to a small town that only has a Walmart and Krogers. With 6 kids and never enough money, I coupon like mad. I go through every ad, every coupon, it takes me about 25 hours of work but I do it. I saved over $350 last month alone

  4. I shop at a lot more stores and have begun to love CVS. I hardly ever shopped thre before, but now I get over there about every 3 weeks.

  5. I used to do a bunch of stockpiling and couponing, getting at least a hundred dollars of food for free per pay period, but now I just can’t imagine anything that I would actually buy with a coupon. We’ve cut down to just real food: meat/fish/shellfish, eggs, veggies, potatoes, white rice, sparing dairy, and no other grains (they just don’t satiate, which causes us to eat way more, and thus buy more; we get plenty of fiber from veggies). Costco/Sam’s is WAY less expensive on all toiletries like toilet paper, paper towels, etc.., and a lot of the food items We feed a family of four (adult eaters) on a real food diet for about $400 a month. We also bought part of a cow, grass-fed organic from our local farmer for $3.90 per lb — on ALL cuts of meat ground beef, roasts, steaks, etc. I make my own “Olive Garden” salad dressing from olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic salt, and parmesan cheese. In the summer, someone always has a garden (we’ve never owned our own property, so I’ve never had a garden beyond lettuce) and the Farmers’ Market is about as expensive as the store, but you know ti was picked that day from your local farmer. In the winter, HUGE bags of frozen, organic veggies at Costco are only $6… And Aldi takes care of the rest. We just spend so much less money and so much less time without coupons.

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