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How to Cut Calories when Baking a Cake

How to Cut Calories when Baking a Cake using this one simple tip!

There is such a simple trick you can do to cut calories when baking a cake. It is a tip I learned from Weight Watchers many, many years ago. When using a boxed cake mix instead of using the eggs, oil and water that it calls for in the directions on the back of the box, just simply use 12 ounces of soda. Blend together in a mixer the cake mixes and soda on medium speed for 3 minutes until well combined. Then pour into greased pans and bake according to the package directions. By doing this you cut the calories in half and in my personal opinion the cake turns out more moist and fluffier.

How to Cut Calories when Baking a Cake:

You can even cut the calories more by using cool whip instead of frosting if you desire. I use cool whip in the summertime but most of the time I use Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting.

When you use soda or diet soda with boxed cake mix some soda’s go better paired with certain cake flavors.

Chocolate cake mixes go better with dark colored soda such as: Coke, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper or A&W Root Beer.
White or Yellow cake mixes go better with flavored citrus soda such as: Sunkist, 7up, Hawaiian Punch or Sprite.
Strawberry or Red Velvet cake mix goes really well with Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper.

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