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10 Must Have Items To Help You Get Healthy

10 Must Have Items to Help You Get Healthy. When you are working to lose weight and improve your health, there are a few must have items to help you get healthy.  These items are things that help you reach goals, and also keep you motivated along the way.  Learning about how to properly nourish your body and build physical stamina is important.  It’s not always about the number on the scale or the size of your pants.  It is all about educating and making positive changes in your health.  These items are some of our favorites to help you get and stay healthy.

10 Must Have Items To Help You Get Healthy

10 Must Have Items to Help You Get Healthy

Digital Scale with Body Fat Percentage Measurement:  We are definitely not fixated on pounds lost, but we do focus on how much body fat you are carrying.  Body fat percentage is a much better way to gauge your overall health than body mass index or even your actual weight.  You can keep track of both numbers with this scale and see improvements as you change your diet and exercise regimen.

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle:  We love this particular brand because it is heavy duty, durable and of course a great reusable water bottle. This one has a sports cap which is easier to drink from.  Increasing your water intake is vital in your health improvements.

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle:  If you struggle to drink straight water, this fruit infusion water bottle is awesome.  Simply slide sliced fruits of your choice into the infusion system and you have flavored water that isn’t full of sugar and chemicals.

Digital Kitchen Scale:  A big part of learning proper nutrition is to understand portions and portion control.  This scale helps you to measure the amount of protein and various other foods with ease.  This can be very valuable to those who want exact calorie counts.

Portion Control Measurement Set:  If you still struggle with learning portion sizes, this is an excellent tool you can use on your plate to help you create the right portion of each menu item to go on your plate.  It helps you visually learn what portions should look like.

Portion Control Meal Containers:  For those who work outside the home, or simply want to batch cook and freeze meals for easy reheating, these specially designed portion control containers are perfect for your lunches.

Resistance Bands:  Nothing is as easy to store for strength training as a resistance band.  These are perfect for everyday use, travel and easy storage.  This set is perfect for you to use for long term.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises all in one place.

Yoga Mat:  Even if you aren’t doing yoga or Pilates, a yoga mat is an excellent resource to have on hand for your exercise regimen.  Any floor exercise from stretching to pushups or crunches is made easier with this cushion.

Low Impact Exercise Video:  This DVD is a classic walking video that is perfect for practically anyone.  Low impact exercise is important for staying safe while getting your heart rate up.

Crockpot:  This may seem strange, but it is a life safe for easy healthy meals.  There are so many delicious Crockpot meals out there that are Weight Watchers or lower in calories.  This will help take away the stress of cooking but provide you with hearty and loved homemade meals.

This list of must have items to help you get health is a great starting place in your journey to better health!

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