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Stockpiling 101 – Matching your coupons

Stockpiling 101 – Matching your coupons. Our number one-piece advice to you is never go to the store without a shopping plan. If you, do you will NOT walk out of the door with major savings.

Matching Coupons the Sales Cycle to Save Big

Every week you should target what is FREE or near FREE. Then you should target what is at ROCK BOTTOM and “match” what coupons you have, and these are the items that you should stockpile.

To “match” compares what stores have the lowest prices, and then “match up” what coupons you have with the sale ads.  Factor in which stores will double coupons when you match.  Also keep track of any “bonus” offers such as if a store accepts digital coupons, Catalina’s earned, bonus gift cards earned, or free items earned.

We hope this helps you understand the best way you can match up the coupons to the sales and save big at the store. That is when it is stockpile time!

Stockpiling 101

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