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How do you submit rebates

I am often asked How do you submit rebates? It can be confusing at first, but it is a great way to save money and take your savings to a next level. Not only can you purchase an item with a coupon but then saving with a rebate is the cherry on top.

how do you submit rebates

How do you submit rebates?

I want to share with you some Tips for Submitting Rebates.  Rebates are an excellent resource for taking your savings to the next level.  There are a variety of rebates that you can redeem. Many stores offer rebates such as Toys R Us, Walgreen’s, Bed Bath and Beyond. Kohl’s, Ace Hardware, Staples and Rite-Aid. Another source is manufacturer rebates. These can be found in-store (on a tear pad), online or in the Sunday paper inserts.

  • TEARPAD – A pad of rebates/coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display

Another rebate is beer and wine and deli rebates.  They are found in stores by the product, at the customer service desk or with the cashier (in a liqueur store).  They are often for a specific item that you may be purchasing already.  For example, meat and cheese trays, potato chips, hams, turkeys, charcoal or grilling ingredients.

Some stores also offer Deli rebates.  I always stop at the Deli or customer service desk and inquire.

A helpful tip is to check for hang tags on wine bottles and stop at your customer service desk or deli and inquire if they have any rebates available.

Always keep your receipts and paperwork when you file rebates.  I use an accordion folder for this.  That way I can always make sure that I get my rebates back and if I don’t I have records so that I can follow up.

You may think rebating is a lot of work but in the end, it allows me an additional savings on average of $75.00 per month!  This is why I think Rebates Rock!

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