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Food Lion Coupon Policy

Here is the new Food Lion Coupon Policy. Food Lion has just announced that they have updated their coupon policy.  They are no longer allowing stacking.

They stated on their Facebook page:

After reviewing our current policy, we are unable to accept multiple coupons on the same item or allow “coupon stacking” at this time. Because our company offers excellent prices on all of its products, we hope you will be pleased with your low, total grocery bill. We appreciate your patience as we reviewed this important issue.

You can view the complete policy at Food Lion.  I suggest printing this and placing it in your binder as well if you shop Food Lion.

I just updated How to Coupon at Food Lion post too.

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  1. Well they just keep making me go to other stores to shop! First they don’t double and now this.

  2. I can’t even use internet coupons with Food Lion. The one in my area refuses to take them even if they are from their own website. So now it will be a long time before I go shopping there again.

  3. I am not surprised. I believe it could very well be the beginning of the end. I might be wrong but Extreme Couponing will bring such an awareness and overload of people couponing that they won’t be able to keep the shelves stocked. And then policies will change one by one.

    1. I hope you are wrong but I definitely see where are coming from Vickie 🙁

  4. I work at food and they should take your internet coupons. The only ones we are not allowed to take are internet coupons for free items. I coupon and I also believe the extreme couponing show is not helping the shoper.

    1. I coupon, and I get about 5 newspapers a week. I cut grocery bills in half, but I’ve never, never, NEVER!!! gotten $1,500 worth of groceries for $2.97. NEVER!!! I don’t really have a stock-pile either. My pantry is full, and I have a “casket” freezer (Sorry, thats what I call them) of foods that I have frozen. I do “okay” and if I don’t need it, I don’t buy it!

      If you look at the stuff they are purchasing on this show, they arn’t getting a large selection. They mostly get like 100+ of maybe 10-15 varieties. They arn’t getting weekly groceries, there “restocking”.

      I wish Food Lion would double coupons like most in the area do, if they did, I would shop there more! Another reason I shop elsewhere is the Catalina’s. Competitor stores offer$1.50 off any toilet tissue, or FREE house-brand bacon, FREE house-brand eggs. I never see any of these come out of Food Lion’s catalina.

      1. I work at our local food lion as a office assistant, and here lately the catalina’s have been printing out coupons for free food lion brand eggs, a free head of lettuce, a free coke 2 liter, and a few other really good ones. I am a couponer and have yet to receive these coupons but I hand them out quite a bit daily.

  5. I just called our local Food Lion in Conyers, GA after I had a question about their doubling coupons. They said they will double up to .60 cents everyday.
    I agree with Sorvea in that the EXTREME couponers are making it harder and harder on the everyday couponer who just wants 1-3 of the same items, not 90-100!!!
    What good is it to get something for free if you’re never going to use it and never going to give it away? Our landfills are already over capacity and getting something you don’t need, only to throw it away a year or two later makes absolutely NO sense to me!

  6. Did Food lion really say the already offer low prices on their products,
    What a joke we must all can’t add read or see they have the most high prices in my town I can buy ten items at food lion go to another store and buy the same ten items an pay atleast 20 to 25 dollars less at another store. Food lion Sucks.

  7. Extreme couponing is hurting us. The last few times I went in the grocery store with my coupons, the cashier looked at me as if I was getting ready to commit a crime. She took my coupons and read them carefully, then matched each item with a coupon. Come on I only had 10 coupons for different items.

  8. I just went to Food Lion this morning and I stacked coupons! I used the store coupons that I downloaded from their site and vendor coupons. Oops – guess someone didn’t tell the cashier about this policy. I bet it was because it used to be a Bloom and she was probably a Bloom employee? The stacked ones did buzz, but the manager forced them through. 😉

  9. Just checked Food Lion’s website for policy and it doesn’t say anything about stacking. It does read,
    “Customers may not use more than (1) one coupon per item with a maximum of (10) ten coupons for the same item per customer.”
    I take that to mean only 1 Scott per item.
    Tonight was the FIRST time I’ve ever been told “no”. It was by a young manager, BUT I did manage to make her question herself and GOT MY WAY, equalling an extra $5.50 off my purchase.

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