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How to Save Money at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has got to be one of my favorite stores to save money at. Out of the three major pharmacy chains, Rite Aid, in my opinion has one of the best rewards programs. It is easy to understand and follow and the rewards are higher, I think, and easier to obtain.

How to Save Money at Rite Aid

I also think that the items they offer rewards on are more common purchases for most people. Let’s look at Rite Aid’s rewards program and cover some of the basics of saving with it.

How to Save Money at Rite Aid

Sign up for the [program. Rite Aid’s reward program is called Wellness +. There is also a program for seniors called Wellness+ 65. More on that a little later.

Start looking through the weekly ads that Rite Aid offers. You will see +UP Rewards on many of the products. These rewards offer you store credit of 1, 2, 5 or sometimes more dollars per qualifying purchase. You often have to spend a minimum amount on a combination of products to get the higher up rewards, but they are well worth it. These +UP Rewards are only good for a certain period of time so make sure to combine them with coupons on future purchases to get the most out of them!

Wellness+ also offers something else in addition to their +UP Rewards. There are different tiers of savings depending on how much you spend. These include bronze, silver and gold. You gain access to the different tiers by spending money and swiping your Wellness+ card with each purchase. For instance, you get 25 points for every non-government funded prescription filled, and 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere in the store. When you reach certain levels, you get to take advantage of certain benefits. These include the following:

  • Bronze (250 points): 10% off Rite Aid brand products for a year plus an additional 10% off shopping pass for one time use.
  • Silver (500 Points): 10% entire store for a year plus a health and wellness reward.
  • Gold (1,000 Points): 20% off the entire store for a year Plus another health and wellness reward.

In addition to these great savings, if you are getting 10 or 20% off the store, if you combine this with UP Rewards and coupons, you could walk away with free products for a good portion of that year!

Rite Aid Wellness+ also participates in UPromise that gives you rewards for shopping as well as great coupons (often high value) to shop with in the store electronically.

If you are a senior, make sure to sign up for the Wellness+ 65 card. In addition to the savings offered, and the tiers you get with the card, you will also get 20% off the entire store the first Wednesday of every month!

Rite Aids coupon policy states that they will allow you to use one Rite Aid Coupon and one Manufacturer’s coupon. Keep in mind, though, that Rite Aid does not allow overage and you will not get cash back if the item’s coupons exceed the cost of the item.

You can really save money at Rite Aid when you are shopping strategically!  Do you have any tips to share?

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