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How to soak dried beans

How To Soak Dry Beans - This is a great tip for saving money!


I  wanted to share with you some tips on how to soak dried beans.  It is a great way to stretch your families budget.  Purchase your dried beans in bulk. It is also an inexpensive way to add protein to your families diet.

How To Soak Dried Beans:

Dried beans are inexpensive and expand when soaked, so you get more for your money! Be sure to remove any rocks or pebbles before soaking.  Add three times as much water as beans, soak overnight and then prepare the next day.  If you soak for longer than that they can sprout so you want to be careful not to allow them to over soak.    After they soak you can FREEZE them in freezer safe bags and then use when you are ready.

By using beans you add protein to your menu plan.   It is also the healthiest way to go because canned beans usually contain lots of sodium and preservatives.  If you do use canned beans be sure to rinse them first before you use them.

A helpful tip is to add a raw potato to your beans when cooking them, be sure to remove the potato before eating and discard. My Mother In Law swears that it takes out the “gas”.  When I eat her beans I never get gas so I am going to have to agree.

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