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Can you freeze mushrooms?

Can you freeze mushrooms?

Can you freeze mushrooms? The answer is Yes and No. I know that sounds funny but YES you can freeze them. Will it they be as good as if it had never been frozen? NO! However, it really depends on how you plan to use them.   After frozen mushrooms will no longer be fresh or crispy.  They will take on a canned texture.  I have frozen them when I got them in bulk in my produce co-op.

Can you freeze mushrooms?

By freezing you can extend the life by up to 12 months. Just write the date you put it into the freezer with a permanent marker so you know how long it has been there.

Mushrooms – You can freeze them by washing trying and flash freezing and either placing them in a freezer safe container or food saver however by freezing IT WILL affect the texture. As you can see from the image above they become watery and look like canned mushrooms.  If you are using them in cooking for example a sauce or other dish they are ok but if planning to use them in the fresh form they will not be he same quality.

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