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Kitchen Tip – Tips for leftover ham

Kitchen Tip – Tips for leftover ham. With the holiday’s approaching I thought it was a great time to share some tips for what you can do with leftover ham. This is a useful kitchen tip when you have leftover Ham from Easter or another holiday.

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Tips for leftover ham:

  • Never buy ham that feels mushy or is not a rosy, pink color.
  • When you freeze ham, you take away from the quality of the meat. If you do freeze wrap tightly and do not freeze over 2 months.
  • You can store tightly wrapped left over ham in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.
  • If you are cooking something in the oven with your ham, especially on the holidays, make sure the ham has uniform space and is not touching anything else. If you do this the ham will cook evenly!

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