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Do You Have A Family Game Night?

Do You Have A Family Game Night?

Do You Have a Family Game Night? I found this sign and I love it!  I totally agree.  Friday night is traditionally our family game night.  We unplug and spend time together.  Some of our favorite games are Uno and Board Games.  We make our own pizza for dinner then we pop a huge bowl of popcorn and pick a board game to play together as a family. Right now, my son’s favorite game is LEGO Minotaurus. He loves to play it!

Do You Have a Family Game Night?

He actually asked me if he could do a “you tube” video about it and this is the first take with no practice. He loves asking me how many “hits” he has gotten too 🙂 It is a fun strategic game and one that we all enjoy playing. We have been playing games with our son since he was little. It is a great way to teach sportsmanship and to bond together as a family. In fact we have a huge stockpile of games!

What are your favorite games to play?

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