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Ways to Save on Cell Phone Coverage

Ways to Save on Cell Phone Coverage. If your Cell Phone plan is anything like mine, you haven’t changed a thing in who knows how long but, it just keeps getting more and more expensive. I will be the first to admit that while this can be a shock (and kind of frustrating), I don’t usually take time to look at my bill closely to see what has changed. Thankfully, if this is happening to you too, there are a few things you can do to help save money on your Cell Phone Bill.

Ways to Save on Cell phone Coverage

Ways to Save on Cellphone Coverage


This is probably the biggest cost on your bill. That is because many carriers convince you to get way more data than you typically use in a month ‘just in case’.  If you are unsure of how much data you need to have, take a look at your monthly bill. There you can see how much you used and many times, your average use as well.  They key here is to only pay for what you use and nothing extra.


Use all the Wi-Fi! If there are any places that you frequent (i.e., home, friends, a coffee shop) connect to their Wi-Fi if possible. Many public places are offering free Wi-Fi too so before you use your phone, go to settings and see if you can find Wi-Fi near you. This will help to lower your data usage.


Here is another tricky spot. The idea of phone insurance is pretty awesome and well, it averages somewhere around $11, so why not? Here’s why: Some insurance plans don’t cover much of anything that might actually happen. However, they do cover some crazy “accidents”.

Another issue with this is, if your phone is old enough, it may not be worth having insurance on at all. Plus, there are other options to insure your phone sometimes at a lower cost. You can check with your homeowner’s insurance, or other insurance plans you may have they may possibly insure your phone as well.

International Fees

Unless you are constantly traveling Internationally, there is no reason to pay the fee. There are several other ways you can keep in contact with friends and family who may be out of your service area and many of those ways are free. You can download apps for free messaging, or video messaging.

Paperless Billing/Autopay

Many carriers are offering a discount (albeit kind of tiny) if you opt into paperless billing and possibly autopay. Even if the amount is tiny, every little bit helps!

Share the Plan

Another way to lower your monthly bill is to merge your plan with a friend or family member. Usually, adding more lines to an existing plan is cheaper than having your own plan.

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