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Train Watching

Train Watching - #memorymakingmoms

We love Train Watching. We are all about making memories with our boys.  In fact, we have decided to start a new daily feature called #memorymakingmoms and we encourage you to join in the fun!  On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you can join in the fun by tagging your pictures and share your memories with us!  Also be sure to tag us at @StockpilingMoms on Twitter and @SPMOMS on Instagram.

Train Watching:

My son LOVES trains.  I never paid much attention to trains before my youngest came along but since he loves them, we watch.  I have learned so much about trains and the different types of cars.  I know there are boxcars, tank cars, gondolas. and more. Things I would have never known if my son had not expressed such an interest in trains. It’s amazing what we learn because of our kids.  I think they make us smarter.  Train watching is one of our best memories!  I love to see him so excited!

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