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7 Easy Teachers Gifts For Christmas

Here are 7 Easy Teachers Gifts For Christmas that are sure to bring a smile to their face while not killing your budget. When your budget is slim but you still want to celebrate the teachers who take care of your kids each day, it can be tough when the holidays roll in.

7 Easy Teachers Gifts for Christmas

Grab the kids and make these extra special as you personalize them for the specific teachers personalities.


GIFTS IN A JAR: If you know your teacher has no allergies (or are aware of their allergies), mixing up a fun gift in a jar is inexpensive, fun and easy. This is also great for kids since it is somewhat educational with them learning to measure ingredients. Bean soups, Spiced Teas and Cookie or Brownie mixes are great gifts to give. Even print out a fun note to attach and let the kids color or draw on them to personalize.

CLASSROOM DECORATIONS: Most teachers have to pay for their own classroom supplies. Check out your teachers style at the first of the year and be observant when you pick up your kids from school. Figure out the types of décor they like to use and grab a gift card to a local supply store or load up a bag of fun things like stickers, scrapbook paper, lettering or stencils that will come in handy in their classroom.

SUPPLY GIFT BASKETS: Grab some extra school supplies at back to school sales this year to use for fun supply gift baskets for the teachers in your life. Pens, pencils, tape, glue, construction paper and a few bars of chocolate are great thrown together in a gift basket that your teacher can use and enjoy. Check with them at the first of the year to see what personal supplies they use that may be easy to customize. If they are coffee drinkers, you can invest in their favorite blend but avoid the coffee mugs since they will likely have a few dozen of those by year end. Grab chocolates, caramels or peppermints to tuck into an emergency drawer.

TEACHER FIRST AID KITS: This one isn’t so much about bandaging cuts and scrapes as much as giving a teacher a pep talk on tough days. Include a bit of pain reliever, some chocolate, a bottle of scented lotion, a desk calendar with cute cat pictures or funny jokes and of course a small gift card for the local coffee shop for a treat on the way home. Other great additions would be an emergency feminine hygiene pack, hand sanitizers, a coupon booklet offering an hour or two of volunteer time in the classroom.

SOAPS & SANITIZING SUPPLIES: While most schools have a janitor that comes through to sweep and empty the trash cans, teachers are always dealing with messes throughout the day. Create a fun bucket or basket full of antibacterial soaps for their personal use, a hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray to help them stay on top of cleanliness in the classroom.

NOTE CARDS OR THANK YOU CARDS: Modify some inexpensive note cards or make your own that are personal for the teacher. Not only will they come in handy as they say thank you for the gifts they receive, they will be personal too.

GIFT CARDS: Let’s face it. Sometimes you don’t know what to get for them, or you simply want to give them something they truly need. The best option is often to give them a gift card. It can be as simple as a $5 card for the local coffee shop or a larger amount they can use to go have dinner with their spouse or buy a much needed classroom supply. Every teacher will love the gift of a gift card.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a struggle when it comes to your budget or your stress level. These 7 Easy Teachers Gifts For Christmas range from practically free to super reasonable. Pick up things throughout the year to tuck away for these gifts, and give your teachers a gift they will be talking about for years to come.

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